RISE, A Gastronomical Buffet Journey Under The Stars


I am back at Marina Bay Sands again! Seemingly, the resort has such a wide spread of facilities that I feel I have only begun the exploration throughout. My cover yesterday at Rise, located at the lobby of tower 1. Elegantly portrayed as the place to dine for hotel guests and locals alike, Rise features a smorgasbord of cuisine that will please many palates.

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There are many counters to venture through and each has a bounty of dishes to select and nit pick your appetite on. I will name them casually as what they impress me as. There is the International Dishes section together with on the spot pan fried meats and the delicious roasted rack. And usually for buffets during lunch, they have a live pasta section!

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Next up, there is Japanese, Cold Cuts and Seafood adorning the area with fresh sashimi being sliced for you and sushi to satisfy the tummy. Cold cuts of smoked salmon and appetizers are available galore with the fresh seafood spread of oysters, chilled prawns, mussels and scallops being a must-have.

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Then the Local Dishes with a very good range of noodles, roasted meats, curries. I was very impressed with the chicken curry here for the very deep taste and generous spices used to flavour the meats. And not to forget the Prawn noodles which was light and airy with a lasting flavour.

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While I thought I went through everything, there is also a gluttonous spread of Breads, Buns, and Cheesesticks. This is one counter that looks as good as each piece tastes. Not forgetting the toppings available! And I used this counter to mix and match with the very good sauces and jams available all around. Diehards for soups and creams will find this section enthralling as the Prawn Bisque I tasted last night was one of the smoothest and rich ever.

And I was thrilled to find Salad, Cheese and Fruits – I was naturally without doubt stuck at this section for most of the time due to my innate crave for lovable cheese. I guess even the staff at the cheese counter should have recognized me from my repeated visits.

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And of course the dessert counter. With the circular table filled with stacks of pastries, tarts and cakes, I doubt anyone can even finish trying each and every one of them. I think that if you were to count your way through the buffet, there easily will be over a hundred different types of dishes available.

Naturally, being the cheese lover I am, I just had to start the entire meal with my own little spread. And yes! They do provide roasted macadamias as part of the buffet. I think I made my way through plenty of food and I believe that even after ending the dinner, I feel that I have barely even started. To put it in perspective, 10 dishes down, another 90 to go.

For the buffet at Rise, the best part for me while enjoying the spread was the cozy atmosphere of the skylight streaming through the ceiling. It creates an alfresco dining effect while indoors and ups the entire dining journey. Service is also excellent with the staff looking out for your needs. And if you just want to sit back and relax, you can even request for a table with sofas. Talk about a luxurious experience.

My dinner is valued at $68++ per person, and for the gourmet variety available plus that unique dining location? A worthy find!

These are only a couple of photos from the extensive gallery of pictures which I took last night. Click here to see the tempting goodness, and I do hope I make you drool.

And for the maestro of the entire buffet orchestra : Executive Chef Eric Costille

Many thanks to Val Chua, Corporate Communications Manager Marina Bay Sands for inviting me to this food tasting session.

rise2 Rise
10 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Tower 1
Opens daily : 6.30am – midnight
Buffet :
Breakfast – 6.30am – 10am
Lunch – 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner – 6.30pm – 10pm

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