12 Inch Pizza & Records, Divine Classics in a Circle!

If you have heard of Timbre, the venue for great food and excellent local music into the wee hours of the night, then you will probably be excited to know that a dedicated pizzeria called 12 Inch Pizza & Records has been set up at the V Hotel along Jellicoe Road. Featuring the same concept of good food and music as that of Timbre, 12 Inch Pizza’s promises to offer up a pizza range that is well diverse, exciting, and tasty. Ohh, you know how excited I get when it comes to anything with cheese. Especially that serving of Pearadise City on the top.


Fuelled by Timbre’s Co Founder and Chief Creative Director Danny Loong’s love of vintage vinyl records and the open air pub’s thin crust pizzas, the pizzeria was opened to be a focal point for people who loved great bites and the good ol’ traditional music from records.


With an array available from Danny’s own collection and some items found all about Singapore, there are plans ahead for guests to bring in their own collection and have a great night’s gathering with favourite songs and crisp pizza hot from the oven.

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And the menu is quite spread out with plenty of selections from the pizza range, and of course Starters, Appetizers and Mains. Feeling hungry yet?


As a starter to the meal, I was served the Chicken Floss Caesar ($10). Romaine lettuce with homemade dressing and vegetarian bacon make the scene here with a smooth mix of flavours accentuated by the presence of fluffy chicken floss. A nice harmony and mix to begin with.


But for something a little more heavier and absolutely decadent to begin with, there is the Baked Potato with Chili Con Carne ($8). Baked potato topped with melted orange cheddar cheese, the flavours are as intense in savoury hearty portions as it can get. Sinful, yet so temptingly luscious.


To have some bites to move next to, there is also the 7 Inch LP Sandwich ($14. 12 Inch portion also available). Thinly sliced roast beef with lettuce, tomato, beer caramelized onions (fantastically crunchy and sweet) served on a toasted ciabatta bread and topped with robust yellow hollandaise, this is a very good sandwich to indulge in. Meaty and with flavours packing a good punch, it was fantastic with the well salted fluffy string cut fries. Only problem, the roast beef was a little tough to chew into.


Another photo to get you hungry. Ooo, I should not be blogging when I have not had my lunch.


Pizzas are up next, and all pizzas are 12 inch in diameter. You could choose to go for the single savoury toppings or if you like the best of both worlds, there is the mix at $24 for any two varieties. Today’s meal features the creation of Jai Ho and Black Pepper Crab.


The Jai Ho ($19) is a creation of lamb kebabs, sliced zucchinis, tomatoes belted on a tomato pomodoro sauce and mozzarella, finally topped with crispy layers of pappadum and a lemon wedge. The lamb meat was robust and full bodied, with a slight gamey flavour which was remarkably lightened with the lemon juice. The pappadums provided textural contrast if they stayed on the sliced, but the overall combination was fantastic. Now if it could only win an Academy Award and Grammy as well.


For something a little more local, there is also the Black Pepper Crab ($19) . Crab claw meat, shredded crabsticks, sliced onions scattered atop a black pepper sauce and mozzarella is finally garnished with chopped tomato and cilantro. Nice, light pepperish flavours which hint of crab. Flavours get more intense as you travel center, as somehow there was a slightly more generous portion then the sides. Definitely ok, but I loved the Jai Ho (still thinking about it).


To end off, you could settle for a selected range of desserts and two of them are pizzas! This time round, I had the serving of Pearadise City ($14). Labelled after the song from Guns N’ Roses, this creation is one of sweet caramelised pear, onion and gorgonzola laced with sour cream and mozzarella while finally finished with caramel candied cashews. Sweet and nutty, with the occasional burst of tangy aromas and textured flavours from the blue cheese, this is a hearty and savoury end to the already fulfilling experience. It is a must try!


One more picture for the camera.

IMG_8692 IMG_8751

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12 Inch Pizza and Records has their strength set in pizzas and with over 20 varieties available, one would be spoilt for choice. The collective ambience is a bit sparse, but once guests start streaming in with their own records and maybe even dancing to the tunes of the night, it would be an experience all to remember. And of course, as a pizzeria, if you want to have a piping hot pie right at your doorstep, there is also their delivery service available. In this cold and balmy weather, I could do with a lipsmacking pizza!

Thank you The Timbre Group for the invitation

12-Inch Pizza and Records
70 Jellicoe Road
V Hotel
Level 4 (Access to level 4 via the fireman’s lift)

Website : www.timbregroup.asia
Facebook : www.facebook.com/12inchPizzas
Reservations : 6296 1622
Delivery : 6352 6266
Operating Hours :
Lunch : 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner : 6pm to 10pm

Delivery Timing : 60 to 90 minutes upon confirmation