10 At Claymore Buffet Exquisiteness, Meticulously Created!

Dining in at 10 at Claymore is a surreal experience from start to finish. Its locality within Pan Pacific Orchard along Claymore Road faces the quieter side of Orchard Road and it comes as a pleasant surprise that such a detailed buffet spread would exist away from the city busier streets. My first visit to 10 at Claymore was in June last year for their Oz Plates of Pleasure, and I was already impressed by their detailed select choices.


This time round for a return visit, 10 at Claymore is serving up a festive selection in its Plates of Pleasure. In addition to the meticulous buffet selection and an assortment of Boston Lobsters and Freshly Shucked Oysters, there will be the Pacific Shark’s Fin Casserole, Hokkaido Scallops, Chilean Ocean Sea Perch, US Angus Beef and Tasmanian Lamb up for order a la minute. Talk about whetting your appetite!


Two kinds of Oysters were freshly displayed and shucked for guests in yesterday’s buffet. There was the Live US Rock Oyster and the Live Fine de Bretagne, oysters from France.

IMG_1538 IMG_1537


The French oysters were petite in size with a gentler shape and slightly sweeter flesh. Comparatively the US Oysters were bold and meaty with a fuller aftertaste and a texture that gives a slight chew to release that burst of ocean mist freshness.


The fresh seafood selection in its traditional classics offer up a spread of Boston Lobsters, Clams, Claws and Fresh Prawns.


Another shot for a closer view.


I really enjoyed the Boston lobsters as their sweet flesh was oh so appealing. With just a light squeeze of lemon citrus sprinkled all over, the acidity simply brought up the ocean goodness even further. Claws were fine and meaty, and it was a delight engaging a dish or two with them. P.S I noticed tables all around quickly grabbing the lobsters and prawns, so do plan out an action battle sequence if necessary.


The Sashimi and Sushi selection is expanded a little further as compared to my initial visit. While classics such as Salmon, Tuna and Octopus were served up with the assortment of makis and Salmon nigirizushi, I must say the presentation this time round is really impressive. Subsequent refills were not too bad.




The Hot Foods selection

IMG_1582 IMG_1585

I am glad this time round I tried a little out of everything at the hot food section. The Braised Salted Vegetables Duck Casserole was soupy with that tangy aftertaste all in a savoury duck broth that was rich with herbs and goodness. The Vinegar Pork Casserole had a sauce which was very fragrant and sweetish sour, bringing out the flavours of the pork while toning down any overtones. The only gripe I would have is that very lean meat was used throughout with almost all fat removed. But I guess for the guests who would prefer leaner cuts, while retaining a good taste, this is recommended.


The Fried Lotus Root, Garden Greens and Lily Pulp might seem like your usual spread of fried assorted greens but this was especially good. Not overcooked and with a bright mix, this was as good tasting as it looked.

IMG_1590 IMG_1593

Carbo Delights : Hong Kong Egg Noodle and Pineapple Fried Rice.


Having a pot of Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb with Mint Sauce was very nice touch to have to the entire buffet spread. The lamb itself was not too gamey with a lovely smooth grainy texture. And while I normally would not prefer mint sauce because the impression I get is a very strong herbal flavour, this particular version was mild, savoury and a good complement to the meat.


The Coq au Vin also made its appearance, in a huge pot and chocked with lots of gravy with braised root vegetables like celery and carrot all over. A light intense red wine broth simmers slowly about the chicken, and while certain portions of meat were a tad dry, I enjoyed this dish still on a whole. Never would I imagine finding a Coq au Vin at a buffet spread.


To add on to the meaty delights, there was also the Beef Bourguignon. And an excellent one at that. With a gravy that is thick and rich full of herbs and spices, the flavour was a deep earthy savoury meatiness coupled with a light tangy aftertaste reminiscent of the tomato essence evenly spread throughout. The meat pieces were huge with each being tender and soft. While I looked extensively for maybe some fat or tendon, this was good enough by itself.

IMG_1602 IMG_1603

As sides, opt for the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables for a full coursed meal. Go for the roasted cauliflower and baby corn, its my favourite.


A special for the night was the Baked Whole Salmon presented in all its finery. I seldom see the whole fish presented so elegantly. The fish was not overcooked either and it was a nice pinkish red in the center giving a blend of smoothness and meatiness combined together.


Salad selection!


The Plates of Pleasure selection this season is inspired by traditional Lunar New Year delicacies. And to start the menu off, there is the Hokkaido Scallops served with Monkey Head Mushroom, Angelica and Goji Broth. Nice huge scallops served to a delicate touch, not overcooked and firm. The goji broth served was stocky and rich mildly dressing up the sweet natural flavours of the scallop.


For something a little more traditional in the Lunar New Year festivities, there is there Pacific Shark’s Fin Casserole served with Woody Bamboo Pith and Boston Lobster Claw. Traditional flavours all over in a broth which was brewed for over a day, the Shark’s Fin Casserole boasted luscious pieces of golden shark’s fin and a meaty piece of lobster claw which added to the visual appeal to begin with.


Fish is a must for the Lunar New Year dinner table as it’s name in Chinese is rich is auspicious characteristics. The Chillean Ocean Sea Perch with Pea Sprouts and Superior Light Soy Sauce Broth is a classic, with a sweet medley of sauce combining with the slightly oily fish.


The US Angus Beef with Celery Leek and Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce is mildly peppery with robust flavours encapsulating the meat all over. A little dry and grainy, this is good for those who crave something a little beefy.


But personally the sure winner in the Plates of Pleasure has to go to the Tasmanian Lamb served with Highland Asparagus and Citrus-Sesame Reduction. The day long marinated lamb piece is nicely grilled on both sides giving it that beautiful hue, and when sliced through the meat is a slight medium rare giving that glistering texture and delicate chew all in one. What was exceptionally good would be the citrus-sesame reduction as it really brought out the flavours of the lamb with sweet and slightly acidic overtones. I enjoyed this dish through from start to finish. And the best part, you can order as much as you liked.


Selection of Breads and Cheeses. Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil are available at the side.


A closer stare at the cheese.


The chocolate fountain, sweets and macroons.


A pretty sight, too bad its for display only.




IMG_1564 IMG_1566

IMG_1567 IMG_1565


Desserts and fruits aplenty, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!


A Crepe Station just for you.


Kapiti New Zealand Ice Cream! In flavours of triple chocolate and lemongrass


To dine at 10 At Claymore is surely a full classic experience from start to finish. While the spread might not be mind boggling such that you have a hard time choosing where to begin, the quality of the buffet is not to be missed. Each dish is meticulously prepared and I was impressed by how there is a plating for every dish to begin with. As much as flavours go, the visual feast upon start is just as important. And with the Plates of Pleasure offering, the deal to dine there is sweetened a little more. And I would imagine it to be very nice to have a date there because of its exclusivity.

Many Thanks to Pan Pacific Orchard for the invitation.

10 at Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540

Reservations : 6831 6686
Plates of Pleasure – Plates of Treasure Menu available from
3 January to 29 February 2012.
$52++ Dinner | $55++ Sunday Brunch