Zheng Swee Kee : Indulgence Of A Pork Chop


I visited Purvis Street for lunch yesterday with hopes to indulge in some fine yakitori from the buffet menu of Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant. However, it was already slightly past one pm when I got there, and having not eaten a morsel for the whole day, I was quite tempted to savour Swee Kee’s chicken rice just opposite Raffles Hotel at Seah Street and not take a step further.

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It was a lazy afternoon and the quaint idea of a little coffeeshop directly opposite the luxury architecture of Raffles Hotel just made the ambience all the more nostalgic. It was old school Chicken Rice where presentation is not as important but taste and quality is.


Straight up to the dishes! Mum called for the Set for 4 persons. At $38.80, there were 4 dishes and 1 soup. For about $9 per person, I say that is well worth the price.

We had the Kampong White Chicken, a favourite in the family. I found the chicken skin to be slightly smooth and fatty with the meat being nicely moist and chewy for a full burst of natural flavours. However, it could have been drizzled with a fair bit more of light sauce and sesame oil. The dish was a bit too natural for my liking.

Pair it with the ground ginger or chilli dip provided and you will find that the taste of chicken is well complemented. Savour the sauces on its own or with the Chicken Rice and you will find that it is a little too salty.


The Chicken Rice was rather average. Slightly fragrant but just not “pang” enough.


Now these are the starlets of the show. The Hainanese Pork Chops. A tangy sweet tomato base sauce is generously covered over the crispy yet tender pork chops. Very yummy. I liked the way the sauce is created with a wild fruity sourness in it that resembles that of vinegar. Excellent =)


The Salted Veg with Beancurd Soup had more seafood than salted veg or beancurds. Not too bad as there was generous portions of fish, squid and veggies. I enjoyed this.


Aw, just when things were starting to look impressive, the Sambal Kang Kong didn’t meet its mark for me. Not spicy enough as the flavours lacked  that impressive kick that should leave me panting for water.


An interesting creation – Deep Fried Four Season Roll with Seafood. Very neutral in taste as it is neither savoury or seafoodlicious. I reckon that this must be the healthier version of the Ngoh Hiang. But not impressive.


Zheng Swee Kee serves up a mean dish of Pork Chops but is rather average in the arena of Chicken Rice. Yet, its clean airy environment makes having a lunch here an enjoyment. Nothing more, nothing less, the price just right, and that pork chops oh so nice!


_MG_0017 Zheng Swee Kee
25 Seah Street
Tel : 6336 1042

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