You Know You Have That Craving For Prata!

DSCF7112 The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel : 6459 5670

A cheap and good restaurant to visit and satisfy that craving for quick and easy Indian delicacies. 


Kosong sitting on the Paper prata

The Prata Place sounds exactly like what it serves – Prata, albeit in different shapes, specialties and  presentations. There is the Paper prata, the Banana Prata, the typical Kosong (empty, or plain), the egg, the Mushroom Prata, the Cheese Prata, the Onion Prata….and the list goes on.

Apart from serving the heavenly shaped pieces of fried flat dough, there is also a serving up of familiar favourites such as Roti John and Soup Kambing (Mutton Soup)

The Kosong prata ($0.90 / pc) was very nicely done. Crispy and fluffy, it went well with the spicy sour fish curry. Neither was it served with the shine of oil lingering all over the surface, and it did not leave one feeling jelak (overly indulgent)

However, the Paper Prata ($1.00 / pc )was a dismal for me. While it was crispy and literally paper thin, each bit felt like I was eating a flattened puff pastry. Nothing fantastic and since it was so crispy, it couldn’t take on the curry very well. But if you are a fan of crispy stuff, I won’t argue, this might just be your cloud nine towards the zenith of happiness.


House Favourite : Roti John ($3.50)

The Roti John was served up attractively with layers of sweet sour chilli sauce and mayonnaise drizzled against each other. A large portion enough for at least 3 if you are sharing. Not too bad, but I felt that more meat stuffing could have been used and the egg was a little charred.


House Favourite : Soup Kambing (Mutton Soup)

Another house favourite and my friends who dined with me loved it so much. The soup kambing was thick and hearty with a well mix of spices, giving an overall sweet, savoury yet salty experience. Served with a couple of slices of french loaves, it was a complete meal in one. Yet still, there was a strong smoky mutton flavour masking the soup which I felt should have been lessened to beckon a more fulfilling indulgence towards the dish.


Masala Thosai ($2.00)

The Masala Thosai was simply gorgeous. At only $2.00, a gigantic portion was served up and neither were they skimpy on the tasty potatoes in the centre. Crispy with the dips acting as excellent complements to the taste.


 The Thosai Dips


My buddy KH ordered the Mutton curry ($4.50) to sate his hunger for that spicy muttony gluttony emotion. A good serving of mutton pieces was presented and what’s best was the thick curry that smothered the meat. Spicy and with the occasional layer of Mutton oil giving a strong oomph in each bite.


My eye was glued on the word Lassi on the menu. And as I found out later it is actually a Indian yoghurt drink. The sweet lassi which I ordered was nicely sweetened with only a hint of sourness developing after each sip. Thick and well blended, it is definitely a drink to order alongside all that spicy stuff. For $2.00 a cup, I’d say its an excellent beverage to end off the meal.

The overall experience left me walking away feeling stuffed and full from the meal. While there were shortfalls here and there, it is still a good establishment for the occasional family outing or if simply have the urge for prata.

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