Yayoiken, A Century Old Secret of Japanese Western Cuisine!

When I first heard about Yayoiken from Brian, I was wondering what newfangled Japanese restaurant that was. He was raving about it, also adding that the restaurant offers free flow Japanese rice for its sets.

Yayoiken was established in Japan over 100 years ago, and was one of the few restaurants to offer Western cuisine. After expanding throughout the country, Thailand, it has now landed in Singapore last December. When placed amongst the likes of other popular Japanese chains, my visit to Yayoiken proved that it really stood out as one of the most delightful Japanese restaurants that I will now call my open secret.

Being seated at the table, I noticed a range of condiments on the table. There was Katsu sauce, soy sauce, ajinomoto, chilli powder and then a bottle full of pickles.

Perhaps a seemingly rare find to discover natto in a Singapore Japanese restaurant chain. Of course, I stopped by Medi-ya after lunch to buy back even more natto! ($1.90 per serving)

For lunch today, I had the Mix Toji Set ($13.90) consisting of Pork Katsu, Fried Ebi, and Beef. Topped with egg and a sweet savoury sauce, I have to say that this was fantastically good. The umami sweetness brought out the fragrance of the tender egg yolk and whites. Its flavours enveloped the meats adequately to a slight soggy goodness, and it really complemented the extremely soft beef slices delightfully!

An excellent egg set, and I will have to come back try more!

The rice at Yayoiken is of consistent quality with a slight shine onto each grain, making every mouthful a delight. It went extremely well with the sweet sauce of the toji set. And if you need more rice for the set, you can get more!

Brian on his end had the Miso Katsu Set ($13.90). Sweet smoky miso sauce left to simmer with pieces of fried pork cutlet. Tough, meaty and filling, a very tasty dish as well. And my friend had 3 bowls of rice to enjoy. Imagine that. 3 bowls.

I am happy to say that Yayoiken is my latest discovery. I so much so would not want to share it up here on the blog, but it’s still too good not to share. Good food, affordable prices, I will be back!

177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Complex
Singapore 179030
Tel : 63387170
Website : www.yayoiken.sg