Xin Cuisine, The Golden Pumpkin

Xin Cuisine at the Holiday Inn Atrium makes a third return to my blog again. I think what draws me repeatedly are the quite family friendly prices, unique locality and comfortable ambience. I also feel that the cozy atmosphere is well suited for my grandmother as the restaurant is quite spacious with a certain air of fineness within it.

Dinner was started off with the Xin’s Crispy Roast Pork with Mustard Dip ($10). Very very crispy roast pork with excellent juicy layered meats. Nicely salted as well, its a personal favourite in my books.

My little cousin wanted to eat lobster, so we ordered the Lobster Noodles ($20 if I’m not wrong). Looks good.

As a recommendation to try the new dish, we also had the Spiced Homemade Tofu Balls. Well seasoned tofu, crushed into a ball and coated with batter before deep frying. A dish well done, though I feel there was something lacking to this dish to create that wow factor I’ve come to expect of Xin Cuisine.

As a personal favourite, we all had the Scallops, Eggplant topped with Flying Fish Roe and ‘Gold’ Ginger Leaves. Well good as always, I found the serving this time round to be a tad lacking in terms of presentation. A little too brown. Just a little.

Another favourite (gosh I wonder how many favourites from Xin Cuisine I’m going to have) was the Pumpkins braised with Glass Noodles, Mushrooms and Broccoli in Savoury Stock. Flavours full of depth with a touch of smoky fragrance, this is a very heart warming dish on its own. The broccoli was a mite hard for grandma though, but kudos to the staff for personally going the extra mile to slice it into small pieces just for her.

Again as another entertainment plus for the table, we had the Beggar’s Chicken. Everyone was thrilled, especially the two little boys who were with us. Just imagine it was a picture perfect time.

Another new dish, Deep Fried Battered Prawns served on Rice Crackers and Chilli Egg Sauce.

Ordinarily, the dish is served with the sauce drizzled atop. But for the night it was served separately. I personally feel that it might be a novel idea to let the staff drizzle the cup of piping hot sauce just before serve right before guests for presentation.

As a staple, we all had the Seafood Braised Ee Mien. One of the best I’ve had so far with its deep savoury tastes, generous portions of fresh ingredients, this made the usually boring Ee Mien into a flavourful delight.

What meal can be completed without desserts. And as part of inspiring ideas for refreshed menu varieties, the dessert entre was the Dragonfruit with Yam Paste ($10, order in advance). Served chilled, the sweet yam paste was a good complement to the slightly sweet tart dragonfruit.

The Golden Pumpkin with Black Sesame Ice Cream ($12 order in advance) was perhaps the darling of the night. The presentation though simple was richly perfect and quaint. Sweet with a beautiful slightly creamy texture throughout, the sesame ice cream was a excellent pair with the chilled pumpkin cream.

Coconut with Avocado Cream and Ice Cream ($10, order in advance). Luxurious with a multi faceted approach to the dessert. Enjoy the cooling sensations of the ice cream, the rich creamy flavour of the avocado, and then the crisp sweet flesh of the coconut. Multi-tiered sensations in one.

And to top it all off with a special treat for the night, Egg tarts with Bird’s Nest anyone?

Many thanks to Assistant Manager Ivy for the excellent service through the course of the dinner.

Xin Cuisine
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
317 Outram Road
Level 4
Singapore 169075
Tel: 6731 7173

Opens from:
Weekdays 12pm-3pm, 6:30pm-11pm
Weekends 11:30am-3pm, 6:30pm-11pm