Xiao Bar Wang, 3pm and Craving for Taiwanese Snacks.

Thinking of having some Chicken Cutlet or Mee Sua at Raffles Place at 3pm? Sneak out of office and you can head down to Xiao Bar Wang at One Raffles Place! Or simply go in full brazen skill and ta pao for everyone (including your boss). With four branches in Singapore located at Tampines 1, ION Orchard, Raffles City and One Raffles Place, Xiao Bar Wang aims to introduce authentic Taiwanese street snacks to Singaporeans. And its not everywhere that you can find a serving of Specialty Cold Noodles with century egg sauce.


Pork Mushroom Porridge, Mee Sua, Chicken Cutlet, Specialty Cold Noodles, Braised Pork Rice squeezed in a picture!


Out of all the Taiwanese Street Snacks I had at Xiao Bar Wang, I loved the Specialty Cold Noodles. Served with shredded chicken, julienned vegetables and sliced omelette, this goes very well on a hot day especially with the century egg sauce all mixed through. A hearty and earth rounding flavour which beckons slurp after slurp of the wonderful gravy with ingredients.


For the traditional, there is the Mee Sua. Not extremely tangy as I would have preferred, this was a heartwarming serving with good portions of meatballs and very smooth noodles in a crisp clear broth.


And for quick bites to sate the tummy, there is also the Braised Pork Rice. Have the rice soaked briskly on the surface with a savoury sweet brown sauce, this becomes pure comfort food.


One word for the porridge, chunky! And in a good sense. The Pork Mushroom Porridge seems like a quick fix in the early morning when you can ta pau this straight to office and enjoy the peppery smooth granules of rice savoury meaty flavours throughout and a scent of shitake wafting up.


And as any good ol traditional Taiwanese shop would do, there is the Crispy Chicken. Its nice, but I felt that the meat was a little too healthy and the seasonings could do with slightly stronger flavours. Maybe its because I didn’t ask for chilli powder, but who knows, it could be to your tastebuds!


Drinks of Black Sugar Bubble Lime, Flower Tea and Black Sugar Milk Tea

Quick bite and quick eats, Taiwanese Snacks at Xiao Bar Wang. Its good to sate the cravings, and tickle the tastebuds. Hopefully, in time to come there will be an even wider selection to choose from. Oh I miss my Tian Bu La.

Many Thanks to Xiao Bar Wang for the invitation.

Xiao Bar Wang
One Raffles Place