Whet Your Appetite At The High Class Zhi Cha Buffet Restaurant

DSCF8483 Zhou’s Kitchen
Gourmet Chinese Buffet
63 Jurong West Central
#03-28 Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Hi-Tea: 2:45PM – 5:00PM
Mon-Fri : Adult $12.80++, Child $9.80++
Weekends and PH : Adult $14.80 ++, Child $11.80++ 


Extremely value for money High Tea Chinese Cuisine Buffet featuring a wide range of dishes, reminiscent of the culinary skills of the Tung Lok Group.


Savour the fluffiness of the Fried Rice! Good!

Zhou’s Kitchen is without doubt a restaurant concept of the Tung Lok Group serving compelling Chinese cuisine in a casual and yet cozy setting. Today’s review brought me to the branch at Jurong Point where it is still relatively new having opened only in December 2008.DSCF8444

I recommend the Sesame Oil Chicken. Sweet and Savoury aroma with a slightly smoky flavour which brought out the ‘sedapness’ of the dish.

Being extremely competitively priced at $14.80++ (Weekend High Tea Buffet), the restaurant has possibly set forth a new standard in the F&B industry where Quality Chinese Cuisine in served at affordable prices. In their digital menu listed online, up to 33 dishes will be served throughout the buffet (Though I still did not see some of the dishes). My experience was that after some time, certain dishes will be removed and replaced by another cuisine for that Kiasu hungry Singaporean to grab his hands on.


Fried Tofu drizzled with bits of Minced Meat.

For the High Tea buffet as compared to the Gourmet Chinese Buffet served during Lunch and Dinner (where the dishes during these periods are also slightly different), there naturally was a more focused attention towards Dim Sum and savoury dishes that might be commonly dined on during that time.


C’mon grab one now!

The Dim Sum had qualities ranging from average to above average. But starlets, like the Steamed Barbecue Pork Bun and the Steamed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken Wrapped In Lotus Leaf, stood out for its tenderness, well rounded flavour and a good accompaniment of that delicious umami taste.


I particularly enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant as it took a slightly new approach by making an open-concept kitchen. Servings that were natural favourites or quickly vanishing because of some unknown force, were rapidly replenished. So what you would get is hot food served up to you all the time and you won’t be fighting using some chopsticks martial arts to snatch that last piece of Pan Fried Chive Dumplings with Chicken.


Certain key favourites which I think you should would be the Fried Carrot Cake, Deep Fried Chicken marinated with Prawn Paste Sauce and of course the Fried Rice with Diced Seafood in XO sauce.

The Fried Carrot Cake bode chunky goodness of the cake, each piece well coated in a good mix of salty, sweet sauces and fried well together with a myriad of ingredients.


I especially enjoyed the Deep Fried Chicken with Prawn Paste Sauce. Crispy bites are not uncommon in this dish, and after savouring that first taste, the slightly strong yet extremely fragrant aroma of the prawn paste will come spilling out. It is one of the better Prawn Paste Chicken I have ever eaten =)


Baked Flaky Barbecued Pork Pastry


Fried Black Pepper Siew Mai


Forgive me, I forgot the name of this.


Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Carrot Cake, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken in Lotus Leaf


Herbal Tea Egg, Deep Fried Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll (Good), Pan Fried Chive Dumplings with Chicken


Crispily Fried Salmon Skin drizzled in a sweet and tangy sauce

Now this was a new dish added almost slightly towards the last order of 4.30pm. Fried Salmon Skin drizzled in a sweet sour savoury sauce. Very nice. Crispy and satisfying. Definitely a favourite for the kids.


Cream of Button Mushroom Soup

I know you would call me insane for drinking soup during a buffet. After all, anything liquidy is a sacred “no-no” in the commandments of Buffet Paradise. Still, the Cream of Button Mushroom Soup was not too bad though I felt that there was a strong hint of Ajinomoto. And that relates me to the fried veggies served. Salty. Just plain salty. Drink plenty of water after that.


When it comes to desserts, there is a decent variety put up by Zhou’s Kitchen. Three types of cakes with one being Marble Rock – very chocolatey, for those chocolate addicts out there who would go into cold turkey for not nibbling on a bit of that delicious sweetened cocoa.

DSCF8439 DSCF8537

The Marble Rock


Apart from cakes, there is also the traditional Chinese Chestnut cake(Honestly I forgot the name, so I am just going to call it cake. Though it borders more on some sort of gelatinous jelly with chestnuts hung in limbo inside)

DSCF8436 DSCF8515

Clockwise from t
he green. Pandan’s Panna Cotta. Mango Pudding.Chilled Hawthorn Jelly. Coffee Panna Cotta. Homemade Herbal Jelly. Centrepiece : Yang Chan Shui Zhen Zhu

DSCF8511 DSCF8541 DSCF8558

In overall, I feel that Zhou’s Kitchen at Jurong Point has whipped up an exciting entry into the buffet competition in food-crazy Singapore. With Chinese Cuisine priced affordably for their High Tea servings, it is definitely a must visit for the gluttons who just want to eat, or the person who wants to have a cool time with friends with food everflowing.

Cozy and modern ambience with a slight chic appearance, it would appeal to most youths that are into Oriental dishes. Now let’s see how that Gourmet Chinese Buffet during Dinner tomorrow will feature out. (Yes, I did book a reservation as this place has rather got me excited)


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