We do not have any Eskimos..We Have Icekimo!


Double Serving of Luscious Snickers Ice Cream (top) and D24 Ice Cream (bottom) 

After tonight’s class dinner at the Hong Kong Street Restaurant at Upper Thomson Road (which was not very good), the group of us went to Icekimo located around the bend of the restaurant itself.

From the looks of it, the journey to this Ice Cream Shoppe is a little bit extravagant as it is quite far. (unless you are some sort of die-hard Ice Cream fanatic aiming to try out every single Ice Cream shop in Singapore)


Double serving of Wild Strawberry (top) and the D24 Durian again (bottom) – the durian is very popular.

Still, Icekimo serves up over 10 types of flavours with locals variants such as Teh-tarik (pulled tea), Milo, and even the D24 Durian which Singaporeans love so much. For me, it would be considered a quaint little outlet located in the suburbs. There is a limited number of seats and it is generally crowded at times.

Their ice cream is hand made with reduced sugar and fat and the texture reminds you of that lovely little taste that grandma used to have in her own recipe of ice cream. A little gritty because of the icy grains here and there, it is not entirely smooth and may not appeal to those who love silky smooth sumptuous smooth ice cream. (Did I say smooth twice or thrice?)

I must rave about their durian. You can actually taste the durian fibre in it and the sweetness is just right. Not too sweet like those Potong Ice Creams you see in the supermarket.


If you are ever in the vicinity or simply craving for that home made ice cream, you might want to try out Icekimo. Rated 2/3 by Makansutra (the ever popular food critic television programme by K.C. Seetoh), it was a visit well worth it. Especially in Singapore’s sweltering heat.

DSCF1534  DSCF1556

Rating for Icekimo : 4/5

Location : 8 Sin Ming Road #01-03 (see pictures above for full map and address)

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