Warm up to Breakfast at Charly T’s!


My idea for breakfast is one that involves me waking up leisurely late, and then strolling (more like lumbering) to the kitchen to prepare myself some fried eggs and toast. However, if you are unusually early in the city, one place to consider having breakfast is at Charly T’s with their latest sunrise offerings. And if you are lucky, you might even get the entire restaurant cool and cozy just for yourself, warming up to the sun that flows through the tall windows adorning the restaurant.


The first choice of Spanish Omelette ($10+) comes with generous bits of bacon and chopped tomatoes. Served alongside a portion of dilly bread and potatoes, the omelette was slightly runny, almost fluffy yet scrambled. I didn’t particularly take to the omellete as I prefer something more fragrant and crispier, but would agree that it goes well with the dilly bread.


The Yogurt with Fruits ($8+) hit the spot for me. Something light, not too sweet, and with that slight bit of tang was exceptionally well received. Very refreshing.


The other omellete of Ham and Cheese ($10+) gave the option of ham and cheese. A little more creamier than the Spanish variant, this stood out more for its more savoury flavour.


The Dilly Bread! I really enjoyed this! Must be something with the herbs and the slight dryness that is particularly appealing.


The breakfast waffles of CT’s Original Filled Waffles with Bacon & Cheese ($8+; additional $4+ for vanilla ice cream) and CT’s Original Filled Waffles with Chocolate Chip ($8+; additional $4+ for vanilla ice cream) were quite a surprise for me. While the ice cream is always good, both waffles were clunky and firm. My thought of bacon and cheese in a waffle was to have said ingredients oozing out upon each slice, but alas it was a very wholesome breakfast dessert. The chocolate chip waffle needed more chocolate. But if it were me, breakfast should be savoury! With maybe the exception of that dish of yogurt.


Charly T’s Odysseys : Green Flash and CA Breezing

Breakfast items at Charly T’s are available at both the NOMU and I12 Katong outlets between 9am and noon on weekends. It’s great that there is now another option for breakfast in the mornings, especially if you within the vicinity. However, if you are hitting lunch time, I would probably recommend going for the famed Rotisserie Chicken that they are so well known for.

Thank you Charly T’s for the invitation.

Charly T’s
20 Handy Road
Level one
Singapore 229936
Tel: 6336 7789

Breakfast available weekends 9am to noon