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DSCF7167 Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-89/97/98
The Central
Tel: 6327 8860

Casual Japanese dining with a mark of quality in its dishes with its price range being very affordable.

12 July Waraku & Italian Restaurant

Today’s lunch brought me to Waraku at The Central located beside Clarke Quay. Waraku is probably one of the more popular Japanese eateries in Singapore with good quality food at prices that are not skyrocketing.


I ordered the set of Kaminabe Wazen – Sliced Beef & Vegetables cooked with Soup in a paper pot with rice, pickles, tempura and Salmon sashimi. Priced at $19.80, I felt this was definitely a good deal.


The paper pot concept is a new one to me even though I have this inkling feeling that the idea has been around for a long long time. Apart from that, there was a generous portion of sliced beef and cut vegetables served up in the paper pot. It reminded me of your personal steamboat but this one comes with miso soup as a base. Once you stir everything in and give it some time to cook (about 10 minutes) while you enjoy the other dishes, it should be ready with a fantastic taste enough for you to keep going and going back for more.

The soup was hearty and the scent of miso was rich and tasty. The cut vegetables made the broth nice and sweet so that was a plus for me. In overall, this paper pot was a lovely experience. It has received my paper of approval.


The side dish of Salmon sashimi was fresh and very well presented. Nothing beats allowing the picture to speak for itself.


The tempura was also good and crispy. It was not as light as the one I had at Himawari (Click here to see) but it was still whetting to the appetite once dipped with the light sauce. I might add that the prawn was huge and fabulous.


Koro Koro Steak – $9.80

While named in the menu as a steak, it was actually beef cubes grilled to juicy perfection. I felt that it was a little overpriced though it was still good and savoury. Just keep your expectations there and not going around hoping that it falls in the categories of prime red eye or sirloin.


I just felt like getting another shot of the Koro Koro steak for you =)


The Yakiniku don came along with a bowl of either udon or soba. A huge serving enough for 2 people to share. I particularly enjoyed the slices of grilled beef topped on the sauced rice. Yummy.


Salmon Tororo Don – $14.80

The Salmon Tororo Don – Salmon and Jap
anese Yam (Nagaimo Yam I think) with Rice is definitely for those with an acquired taste towards the yam family. The yam was served blended and topped onto the rice. While the slices of salmon and salmon eggs might be appealing, it was way too little to go well with the silky smooth taste of the yam. Wasn’t an entirely enjoyable experience for me, but who knows? You might just be the one with that acquired taste.


All in all Waraku at The Central provides a casual Japanese dining experience with a great view of the river to boot. With its dishes priced at affordable prices and sometimes enough for two, it might be the next stop for your family outing or gathering with your friends. An overall pleasant experience where I am looking forward for my next visit.
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