W Singapore Sentosa Cove – A warm and cozy buffet straight from the kitchen!


Sentosa Cove is the latest prime district in Singapore with sleek residences, waterways and restaurants coming together to delight both residents and visiting guests. The W Singapore at Sentosa Cove is proud to be part of that experience with The Kitchen Table, an open kitchen concept buffet restaurant with intimate experiences of endless gourmet dining and chefs almost right next to you. An ambience that reminds you closely of home, any preconceived image of a restaurant slowly melts away into one of cozy, warm dining, that is close to the heart. And special for this weekend only, The Kitchen Table is delighted to host two prominent Guest Chefs, Anthony Ricco and Peter Lloyd who will appear for a last time today (Sunday 9th June) out of their three day stay, during brunch. Hungry for a brunch escapade?


The W Singapore


Chef Anthony Ricco from W New York (Times Square) & Chef Peter Lloyd from W London (Leicester Square)


Executive Chef Peter Lloyd has served in notable positions, such as part of the culinary team cooking for H.M the Queen, members of the Royal Family, and the King and Queen of Malaysia. He joined Spice Market in November 2011 as Executive Chef and is well known for his black pepper shrimp dish.


Soon after graduation from the Institute of Culinary Education in 2001, Executive Chef Anthony Ricco found himself as a sous-chef at the Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market. He then took over the reins of Executive Sous-Chef and finally Executive Chef where he manages a weekend crowd of up to 700 people.


The striking mention about The Kitchen Table is the homely, warm decor that aligns the setting. From simple brown wood furniture to gentle hues of orange light emerging from upside down tables and bowl chandeliers, the restaurant provides a comfort that relaxes and takes you away from what it means to dine at a restaurant.


At centerstage is the main kitchen theatre where all guests can witness teams of chefs preparing your food fresh to serve on the counters. The close proximity from kitchen to table just makes the entire dining experience more intimate, and one closer with the entire restaurant as a whole. It removes the spatial divide that common exist between diners and chef to a bare minimum, bringing the food all the more closer to you – just like home.


Guests at The Kitchen Table can get to experience Chefs Ricco’s and Lloyd’s creations in addition to the spread whipped up by the restaurant’s Executive Chef Matthew Woolford, one last time during brunch today. First up, the Tuna Tartare promises an exciting experience of savoury flavours in varying temperatures of ice cold and slightly warm. The flavours of tuna with chunky sweet fruits is a quick draw to the palate, and with the crisp tasty broth at the bottom combined with the tangy ice shaving at the top, this is one dish that serves as a great opener to the meal.


Follow that up with a serving of Hamachi Sashimi, Soy Ginger Dressing, Radish and Avocado. A beautiful medley of savoury oily flavours altogether in one, the touches of soy and avocado complement the flavours of fresh fish to a nice sweet end.


The Ginger Margherita – Excellent!


And here comes a platter of delectable Black Pepper Shrimps served with Pineapple. Chunky, fresh and crisp prawns are glazed and served in a robust peppery sauce that blends the sweet and hot in a single sitting. That intensity is given a slight twist with the bite of tangy pineapple, cutting through all the flavours and freshening up the palate. This was an excellent dish, and the sauce would be excellent with crabs.


Just as exciting is the Cod with Malaysian Chilli Sauce. Smooth, silky cod is given an intense spicy flavour with a textured chilly dip that harks of spice, peppers, and a good hint of delectable garlic. A good combination with lovely focus on the sauce that brings out the flavours of cod.


The Ginger Fried Rice was an interesting combination with a topping of fried egg to break into the rice. Lightly flavoured with a mild intensity here and there, I thought it was pretty decent for what it was. I would however prefer a good dish of steaming hot salted fish or yangzhou fried rice anyday to go with chilli padi and some light soy sauce.


As an accompaniment to the Ginger Fried Rice, Chef presented the Red Duck Curry . Thickly flavoured with coconut, a loving spice all around, and a depth of meaty savouriness within, the Red Duck Curry sweetens the Ginger Fried Rice further. Comfort food all around, but with little heat of spiciness to jump at you.


The Miso Marinated Steak with Bok Chye was a nicely done medium rare to medium, with a tender juiciness distinctly gathered throughout the meat. I thought it was interesting with the crisp flavours of beef being prominent in contrast to the base of soy. What I would like however, is perhaps a fattier cut or a cut that is made more pronounced with some sea salt to bring out the flavours.


The French 75


Lychee Martini



The cook from the Indian culinary counter presenting the Chicken Sixty Five.




Fresh oysters with Bloody Mary for the taking. I love each on its own, and found the combination just as good.


Confit Salmon with Kimchi


Hamachi with Mint Sauce


The Salad and Cold Cuts Bar


A portion of personal favourites, from greens to prosciutto, to chorizo and then sundried tomatoes.


I was quite excited when I first saw the dessert counter. The selected variety was taken onto a positive spin with a beautiful arrangement from top to bottom. Cakes adorn the base, with the grass growing next to edible ‘flowers’. Then there are little cocktail sweet floating above, and finally the tall and mighty supreme desserts in martini glasses. Now if they only made that grass edible, like spearmint candy or something.


Raspberry and Strawberry Crumble


The flower sweets I mentioned earlier. They look really good, and I spotted a few little girls enjoying them. Was equally tempted to grab a serving myself, but resisted as I was too shy.



The unique dessert for the weekend is the Thai Jewel. Simply combinations of coconut milk, iced coconut water, coconut meat, jackfruit and red rubies present a sweet targeted straight at childhood memories. The flavours, light, sweet and refreshing, it was akin to a calm and relaxing end of the day.


The Old Diplomatico


Executive Chef Matthew Woolford (W Singapore Sentosa Cove) 


Across from where The Kitchen Table stood is the grill restaurant SKIRT. I look forward to trying the cuisine whipped up by Chef Andrew Nocente (Chef de Cuisine of SKIRT).

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Buffet at The Kitchen Table is more of an overall experience that looks at quality food in selected varieties, a cozy and homely ambience, coupled with a beautiful scenery of the Sentosa Cove waterways. It is definitely more experience than variety, and one has to look past the buffet counter to enjoy the entire evening with a couple of cocktails or even a stroll down the walkways. The presence of Guest Chefs Anthony Ricco and Peter Lloyd definitely made the dining experience enjoyable with their own take on select dishes. Those seeking a final experience of the culinary creations by both chefs will be happy to note that they are still available for Brunch on the 9th of June (today, Sunday). As a whole, for a mainlander coming here to dine, it is a retreat that makes that day out even more special. For guests that are residents at the Cove, The Kitchen Table is almost like their own home kitchen made readily available to dine at with good dishes in tasty proportions. A blend of many experiences, if you are willing to go the distance.

Thank you W Singapore for the invitation

The Kitchen Table
W Singapore
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374
Contact : 6808 7268

Website: http://www.wsingaporesentosacove.com/indulge

Sunday Remix Brunch
$108++ per person,
$148++ per person inclusive of free flow Veuve Cliqout Champagne, beer, house pour wines[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]