Unagi. The New Zen.


Unagi is the theme for October at Sakae Sushi. 5 creations revolving about the slippery terriyakied eel. And its hard to go wrong with such a fabulous ingredient. The natural tastiness with a unique firm yet tender soft texture, and not forgetting that beautiful glaze of teriyaki sauce. Yummy? Yes?

The Unagi & Cha Soba Roll ($7.99) is by far the most unique creation. Instead of the ordinary sushi rice, buckwheat noodles were used in place with an adoration of eel as part of the stuffing. The slight tempura coat gave a crispy texture with a surprisingly soft interior, and the long ends that had the batter were delightfully crispy. Very nicely done.

Unagi Oshizushi ($9.99) were chunks of eel topped on pieces of sushi rice smeared with egg.

And for my display picture, the Unagi Sushi Cake ($5.99). This is a unique creation with concept but the ingredients don’t really marry well with each other as each carried their own flavour and texture instead of blending as an entity. Still it was refreshing.


The Golden Unagi Roll ($7.99) reminded me strongly of Spring Rolls except that dried beancurd skin were used as the wrap. It was very crispy with generous portions of ingredients within. Still, the oil used while deep frying seeped in slightly making this serving a tad oily.

Unagi for this month, as a trend analysis, who knows? Next month it might just be scallops. Mmmm scallops.

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi

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