Tung Lok Seafood A La Carte Buffet at Orchard Central

I hardly think you will need an introduction to Tung Lok’s food. But to further dive into my personal opinion of a most affordable Chinese A La Carte buffet in Singapore, I think it will have to go to Tung Lok Seafood at Orchard Central.


I previously heard about this place from my parents who went there previously and did they enjoy. With over 40 items on the menu including favourites like Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Cereal Oats Prawns, Prawn Paste Chicken, Smoked Duck Meat, Porridge, Fish, Sliced Pork,Dim Sum, Porridge, Fried Rice to name a few.


And the previous weekend, I went back there again with my grandma and relatives. When it comes to food quality, most of the dishes are of decent quality and flavour. And they were quite close to what I would expect from a Tung Lok restaurant.

IMG_7200 IMG_7181IMG_7183 IMG_7187

Clockwise : Fried Rice, Deep Fried Brinjal with Pork Floss, Homemade Tofu with Vegetables, Minced Pork and Century Egg Porridge

The menu is varied, though it would be a silent favourite for all those who love their food fried or deep fried. I noticed that they could do with some more soups, steamed food and vegetables as an addition to the list though. But that’s just me.


I can quickly think that when entertaining big groups, this is probably one of the coolest concepts to have. Plenty of dishes and variety to go around, and a little something for everybody. But enough of the talking, let’s leave it to pictures to describe the flavours of the food to you, and possibly whet your appetite further.

Awesome Starter – Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk


Prawn Paste Chicken


Smoked Duck Meat


Seafood Salad


Salmon Sashimi


Deep Fried Dumplings – Didn’t really go for this one though. Skin was thick and oily.

IMG_7177 IMG_7191IMG_7207 IMG_7223



Chilled Sliced Pork


For a table of 9 with 2 small children, this portion of crisp clear kai lan is huge.


Cream Puffs to end the buffet


Tung Lok Seafood at Orchard Central has both restaurant and private dining facilities. And the one thing I like about dining at Orchard Central is the use of wide glass windows to allow natural light to easily flow in, basking the restaurant in a cool warm ambience.

The buffet spread is a selection from their own a la carte menu, and I have to admit it is one buffet which is value for money if you think in terms of your guests, what you might have ordered from the a la carte menu. In this case of a buffet, everyone gets to have what they want. Still, the portion sizes are rather huge, so it might be advisable to go slow or request if its possible to reduce the portion sizes a little.Otherwise, you might be too stuffed to finish the 8th plate onward and counting even if you have a large party of guests.

View the Tung Lok Seafood Buffet Menu here

Tung Lok Seafood (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road
#11-05 Orchard Central

Tel : 6834 4888

Ala Carte Buffet Lunch
(Minimum 4 Persons)

Monday to Friday
Adult: $24.80++
Child: $14.80++ (below 10 years old)
11.30am – 3.00pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Adult: $26.80++
Child: $16.80++ (below 10 years old)
10.00am – 3.00pm

Last Order: 2.30pm
Additional Varieties of Entrée on Weekend