Trattoria Nonna Lina Presents Your Passion Of Love


Nested in one of those quaint little spruced up shophouses along Tanjong Pagar is a warm, cozy little escape for hearty Italian cuisine served up by a husband and wife team at Trattoria Nonna Lina.


The restaurant, named after Chef Simone’s grandmother, represents the culinary delights of Tuscany – where delectable Italian fare with a strong emphasis on seafood is created. And for this Valentine’s day, the restaurant has a special one time promotion with the Menu di San Valentino. Simone crafted the unique menu as he believes that it captures the intense passion of his Italian heritage. With each dish promised to give that extra burst of romance in the meal and after, this is one Valentine’s day made memorable.


Tickle your tastebuds with some of the freshly made tomato bruschetta. The tomato herbed ingredients are chilfully rich with a nice way to open up tastebuds further for the next course ahead. Touches of balsamic vinegar by the side add a certain tanginess tinged with sweetness for that contrasting aftertaste.


The Starter for the day is the Calice degli Innamorati. Artfully translated as the Chalice of Lovers, this dish features two King Prawns per serving with a cold soufflé made of avocado settled in the center. The prawns were gently cooked to retain as much sweetness and juices within. A touch creamy, accentuated with the slightly fatty tasting refreshing avocado soufflé, this dish, I found the prawns nicely paired with the cream in complementary flavours. A good combination to start with, and one with prawns plated in the shape of a heart.


Moving on to the pasta special for the day, impress your date with the Farfalle di Venere. The dish, Butterflies of Venue, is a hearty mix of butterfly pasta tossed in olive oil and white wine. Topped later with fresh scallop and asparagus, the pasta is then flavoured further with a lemon zest-truffle sauce. Upon serve, the fain scent of truffle was noticeable and it set appetites tingling. Lift up the shell and discover a portion of chilled mash scented with a hint of truffle. A worthy combination through, just that I felt the fragrance of lemon masked the delicate earthy truffle aroma a tad much.


In my opinion, nothing speaks more of aphrodisiac than the main of Ostriche della Passione. These Oysters of Passion, are oven baked to perfection with parmesan cheese and bacon sprinkles. A luxurious dish in all its simplicity, and one that is hard to deny waves of tasty pleasure.


To spice things up for dessert, end things off with a portion of Mousse di Cupido (Cupid’s Mousse). The secret family recipe of incorporating chilli spice and chocolate in this particular dish is a treat that will unveil new sensations your tastebuds never thought of (unless you had chilli chocolate before – not me, that’s for sure). The chilli padi placed precariously on the top is just decoration, so I implore you, please don’t eat it. Enjoy the chocolate mousse fresh from the kitchen. Its sticky goodness will make this an enjoyable end.


Me, Chef Simone, and Xuan Ying

IMG_9287 IMG_9286



The four course dinner at Trattoria Nonna Lina for this Valentine’s day is one endowed with aphrodisiac qualities. The quaint, romantic ambience promises a night to remember for couples, where the dishes although secondary, become a beautiful addition to the conversation. For this day, one way of being romantic is to dine right at the escapes of Tanjong Pagar.

Thank you Trattoria Nonna Lina for the invitation

Trattoria Nonna Lina
4 Craig Road
Singapore 089664
Tel: 6222 0930

Menu di San Valentino is only available 14th February 2013 at $90++ ea