Todai – The International, Seafood and Sushi Buffet At Marina Bay Sands!


Todai has finally reached our shores at Marina Bay Sands! Hailed as “The Mother Of All Seafood Buffets” in the US, Todai Singapore presents an array of visually enticing treats of Salads & Cold Cuts, Sushi & Sashimi, Noodles, Italian Pizza & Pasta, Meat & Seafood, Brazilian Churassco, Korean treats, Desserts and More! And yes, those Snow Crab Claws are part of the buffet.

For the Grand Opening of Todai, the Korean Ambassador Oh Joon was present to grace the event.


Tucked in a cozy corner of Marina Bay Sands, Todai has about 50 chefs whipping up delights hot from the stove, slicing meats, flipping pizzas and pastas and even shucking fresh oysters just for your platter. At the Grand Opening last Thursday, all guests were treated to a mind boggling selection, that just for that moment, my senses flipped, and I knew I had to come back for another feast.

The snow crab claws (dinner only) were without doubt one of the most sought of items for the night. For a buffet, any guest will be impressed by the gargantuan pincers and claws ready to be devoured. Cut the shell open and juicy crab meat await.

Sweet, meaty and wholesome, its not difficult to see why many would be unable to resist such temptation. Diners piled the plates, round after round after round and after round.


And as a sushi lover, this is one buffet worth visiting. Over 20 individually crafted sushi selections are laid out in colourful fashion to whet appetites and tastebuds.

Freshly shucked oysters are a must to try for the day.

Squeeze the lemon, take the first bite. Marvel in the burst of sea freshness and umami aroma, and let it slide gently down. Mmmm.

Local favourites such as the Chilli Crab and the Sea Cucumber Stir Fried with Broccoli are set to impress.


Stir fry beef in Black Pepper, Scallop Tofu 


Tasty treats from the Oil Fish in Yuzu Dressing and Baked Cheese Prawns

Baked escargots anyone?

The tempura section.


Highlights from the tempura section are the traditional Tempura Prawns with its crispy clean tasting flavour coupled with sweet fresh prawns and…

for the night Tempura Ginseng. A bite, a crunch, with the herbal sweet bitterness.

The Italian Pizza and Pasta Section makes a mention at Todai with a select variety of dishes and favourites.

I highly recommend the simple yet unobtrusive Funghi Pizza in all its natural crispy glory. The crust is so thin, and almost like a cracker yet with the earthy smokiness from the mushroom, this was heaven on earth.

The Margherita was just as delectable with a slight tangy flavour from the tomato yet with stringy Mozzarella plus a garnish of tender herbs.


Baked cheese mussels. Mmmm. Hot and gone in an instant.

I tried the Meatball with Meat Sauce pasta which was rather decent though its definitely not the traditional pasta pasta.

And for the Korean Cuisine section, there were traditional pan fried Korean snacks, Kimchi and Bulgogi!


My first time trying these Korean snacks.

Chicken and Pork Bulgogi!


The Salad and Cheese Section.

Pan Seared Tuna Salad with Dressing

Tomato, Cheese in Herbs


Cold cuts – Ham and Salami.

The Brazzilian Churassco and Noodle Section. Grilled meats galore from Beef, Pork Belly, Sausages, Flank Steak and Chicken Thigh.

My first Roast Beef of the year!

Its always nice to end buffets or any other meal on a sweet note. As an opening promotion, there is a “Free Flow of Korean Strawberries” Huge, juicy and sweet with a slight tart end to it, the strawberries are the best au nature. There were also Strawberry Slushes being served to all guests and it was my very first time enjoying freshly blended strawberries! And the desserts look cute!

Strawberries with Cream Snowmen!





Todai has its own dedicated wine and bar counter!



Todai has quite spacious seating areas with 4 private rooms upon request. (Images courtesy of Todai Singapore)

And the Chief Maestro who orchestrates the buffet, Executive Chef Kevin Nam.

Todai Singapore has a buffet line of over 87 metres long (they actually went to measure) and the spread is truly impressive. For a buffet restaurant with a capacity for over 400 guests, and a focus on quality seafood, sushi and international dishes, Todai is set to impress. I can’t wait to make a return visit, to truly perhaps try to finish the entire buffet experience. =)

*As per clarification from Todai’s PR, Snow crabs are only available during dinner. Dishes on the menu changes according to season and availability of ingredients.

Many thanks to Venetia, Corporate Communications Marina Bay Sands for the invitation.


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 
2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-001 Singapore 018972 

Reservations : 6688 7771
Website :

Opens from :

Lunch: 11.30am to 4.30pm (last order at 4.00pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm to 11.00pm (last order at 10.30pm)

Mondays to Thursdays – S$42++ (adult), S$22++ (child)
Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays – S$58++ (adult), S$26++ (child)

Mondays to Thursdays – S$54++ (adult), S$26++  (child)
Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays – S$58++ (adult), S$26++ (child)

  • Joel3r

    The buffet looks great! As a sushi lover and korean food lover, i’m surely going to try this buffet.

    • Hi Joel3r,

      Thanks for visiting! Yes the food is very good. And I would definitely love
      a return visit with my family and friends the next time =)


  • Lukezee

    I love food too, but sometime being fooled by the picture … not too sure is this just for the opening or will keep to this standard at all time …

    • Hi lukezee,

      Thanks for visiting GourmetEstorie! Yes I know what you mean, though I am very much interested in making a return visit. If I do, I’ll let you know =)

      But if you visit first, do let me know how it is!


  • Hi Michelle,

    I love Hotel Buffets as well. Any more recommendation apart from Ritz-Carlton Millenia?


  • Chusoon

    I saw the menu from web site….

    does it really provide lobster with buffet style or limit to 1 per ppl?


    • Hi Chusoon,

      The last I went, I didn’t try the lobsters. But to what I know from my
      visit, there is no limit of dishes on “special items”.


  • i m heading over tmr, hope ur pictures dun disappoint me..

  • hot chinese food, hot western food, koreans food cant make it..
    brazilian roast,sushi,sashimi,cold seafood pretty good..
    desserts are average..
    tempura, appetizers are acceptable..
    stuffs that i din try, dimsum,abalone congee,noodles,pizzas..

    • Hi Eric,

      Agreed, their sushi and sashimi are definitely better. Did you manage to try their chilli crab? I loved it the last I’ve been there.


      • i tried their chili crab, its pretty bad… too watery for the gravy and also lost the taste of the original type of chili crab gravy..

        • Hi Eric,

          Maybe the original chef wasn’t there. Do let me know if you come across
          other buffets you love!


  • Woon yun

    I went for the dinner on 20 oct . I called for a reservation at 5 pm n they told me it was fully booked till 830. I asked for the clearing of buffet, they told me it was 10 .. N told me I’m allowed to sit till 11 pm . The carpark was very full n I had a hard time finding a lot so I reach about 9 pm. I got seated n I went to the buffet counters , the food r seriously , empty. Pathetic few pieces of chilli crayfish , the cold dish section of mussels n clams n scallops r all gone, left with all shells , which nobody clears it.i did not request for anymore which I feel that Mayb ther r more foods to xhoose from . The brazil roast beef section hav already been cleared n Italian section r almost empty . The sushi turned hot, n the oysters r not cold which caused a fishy taste . I took whatever that’s left n about 10 went over to take my last serving but they already start throwing all the food into bins. I looked around , there r Mayb about 5
    tables , they should at least go round telling the counters will b closed . It’s not as if it’s still full house n they can’t b bothered . N about 1020 all staffs start
    to change into their home clothes . I understand they need to go home but
    if it stated 11 pm means they have to work till that time !!!!!!!!! And worse at 1030 pm , a guy I think it’s a manager came n tell me . Sorry we r close n u hav to finish up . Means what ? I have to gobble everything ? I’m a small bistro owner n sometimes I know there are no hard n fast rules but I think it’s totally ridiculous n there r so Many faults ! They brand themselves as a leading restaurant , as it is in marina bay sands, but where is the standard ??? Frankly there r equivalent leading buffets like the line in Shangri la , greenhouse in ritz , mandarin marina and even smaller players like rendezvous hotel have great standards ! The one in marina bay sands itself have fantastic spread too! Sigh .

    • Hi Woon Yun,

      Thank you for visiting GourmetEstorie. If you don’t mind, I have forwarded your comments and experience to the restaurant.


  • Tresillelim

    非常不值得,照片看了是很美,有些食物都没有,我们负了钱,还要受限制吃,什么是buffet?我们一般朋友一起去,到最后没有一个人吃到辣椒螃蟹,食物也一般。。。。。。可见todai 的食物多么的有限,领人失望。。。。。。。。