To A Sweet Meal At Fig & Olive’s


Chicken Pesto Carbonara ($15.50) – Herbs grilled chicken with melted cheese, potato mayo salad served with pasta or Olive rice.

Today can certainly go down in my annals of history as the day of fortunate events. Ok, maybe only one major thing happened, and that was because I met my long time buddy, Han Leng, since primary school after 7 long years from his “disappearance”. 

We met up at Jurong Point and headed towards Fig & Olive for a little get-together. I was rather keen to try out this Mediterranean cuisine restaurant as somehow the name “Fig & Olive” simply exonerated the concept of peacefulness and tastiness.


I found the tomato blend topped on the chicken to be strongly umami, a tad salty, but a good combination for the white meat.

As recommended by the restaurant manager, I ordered the Chicken Pesto Carbonara. A very decent portion was served comprising of grilled chicken topped with a heavy mix of blended tomatoes and melted cheese, spaghetti with a ladleful of a slightly sweet mushroom sauce and a very tender portion of boiled potatoes which went excellently with the mayonnaise.

The grilled chicken alone was unfortunately a little dry, and not bursting with juices as to what I expected.


I liked the potato salad that came along. It was enjoyable. Simple as that. Nothing too fancy, just good old potatoes with a dallop of mayonnaise.


Chicken Mango Chutney Cold Sandwich ($7.50) – Very, very filling and affordable. I believe you would enjoy the sweet tangy mango chutney glazed on the chicken pieces.

Han Leng himself ordered the Chicken Mango Chutney Cold Sandwich, another of the establishment’s specialties. We found the sandwich to be a little sweet, which might be a delight if you have a sweet tooth with that crave for chicken bits. There was a delicate olive oil fragrance throughout and it was not too salty. What I would consider a well balanced taste spread if not for that sugary feel.

Breadwise, it was not tough but hearty and definitely filling.

DSCF8993 Me & Han Leng. Hah, I am still taller than him =)

Fig & Olive promises a good spread of Mediterranean cuisine with Western and Italian influence. It offers a contemporary, casual and comfortable environment for that particular dinner you would like to have with a good company of friends and perhaps your family.

Add together good food, good people, and a good conversation, what you would have is a fine meal.

DSCF8975 Fig & Olive
Jurong Point
Tel : 6316 9454

Engage in a sweet meal of Mediterranean food that hints of Western and Italian influences

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