Tin Hill Social – Comfort Food At Horse City!


When I first heard of Tin Hill Social, who knew that next to The Grandstand would be a range of niche shops and restaurants at this place called Horse City. Usually, my journey to Turf Club Road bypasses this quaint collective. It was only when I was scheduled to head over for dinner that I chanced upon it when I was looking around while walking in. Tin Hill Social is a play and a direct translation of ‘Bukit Timah’ – giving recognition to the restaurant’s historical location. Its all-day dining menu features familiar and comforting favourites, with large dishes meant to share with a party. Look out for enticing options such as the Beef T-Bone, Classic Greek Salad and the Seafood Platter if you’re in for a treat. Or if winding down the day with a good drink is your thing, chill out at the bar as you cozy up with a good serving of Pimm’s O’ Clock.


For a refreshing way to beat the heat, the restaurant highly recommends the Pimm’s O’ Clock. This classic summer favourite is served by the jug and consists of Pimm’s liqueur wonderfully blended with slices of cucumbers, green apples, strawberries, blackberries, lemon and mint. Sweet, preppy and a charming drink that will slowly intoxicate you if you’re simply unaware.


This is one serving of Classic Greek Salad ($16.50++) that I will come back for. Cherry tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, green capsicum and cucumber make up a wonderful combination that range from the sweet to the salty and to the tart. The block of feta cheese is simply stellar for me.


Apart from the regular dinner and lunch menu, Tin Hill Social also serves up Brunch during weekends. This portion of Baked Gypsy Eggs ($15.50++) is available during lunch and brunch. Poached eggs is served with a rustic napolitano sauce made from a good combination of tomatoes and herbs, alongside some peas and diced potatoes. Messy but definitely a dish to start the day with.


The Seafood Platter (2 pax serving)

Seafood Platter ($38++ for 2; $70++ for 4) – a spritely combination of gravlax, smoked fish, marinated seafood (scallops and shrimp) plus slices of pumpernickel bread. The combination is as good as it gets as I for one thoroughly enjoyed the sweet, marinated sardines contrasted with the more saltish cured salmon. Get more pumpernickel bread if you can as I reckon it almost essential to pairing with the wonderfully flavoured seafood.


Tin Hill Social’s Seeafood Stew ($30) is a worthy try if you need a dish to quell the stress from a long day’s work. The robust, slightly creamy seafood sweet broth is a charm to dip into with the sides of toasted bread. Enjoy fresh mussels, clams and fish in this heartwarming combination.


One portion that demands sharing is the Hay Smoked Pork Ribs ($26). Specially ordered hay supposedly gives off a light fragrance to the more hearty and deeply flavoured tender pork ribs. The sides of chimichurri sauce and fries complete the meal. A good serving but I much prefer ribs that are stickier and meatier.


The Beef T-Bone features a 600 grams T-Bone in all its glory. Served with a red wine gravy and a choice of two sides (coconut corn on the cob/ onion mashed potato/ peas and smoked pancetta/ green beans with toasted pinie nuts and garlic confit/ mixed salad/ truffle friees), I thought that the meat was decently done and served a tender mid-rare. What was of more importance for me though was the sides. The side of corn was lightly drizzled with a tinge of fragrant coconut oil that simply lifts up the corn’s sweetness rating. The onion mash was subtle, creamy, thick and divine. I loved its homemade touches and would definitely get this side the next time round.


Hay-smoked Pulled Pork and Pancetta Pizza ($29)


Hay-infused Panna Cotta ($10++) – served with spiced honey sauce and apple butter. The hay is more distinct here. Light, subtle and a touch grassy.


Mango Chilli Pie ($15++) – with rice pudding ice cream and coconut sago.







Tin Hill Social is meant as the name suggests – an idyllic dining destination that is great for parties to head to. The dishes are uniquely a slice of British comfort with a mix of flavour thrown in here and there. While I would love to make it a constant place to visit, the food as of now is worth it if you’re in the area or are looking for a place to end day without the hustle of the city. Accessibility by bus, car or taxi will continue to make visiting Horse City and its neighbouring The Grandstand a much more weekend outing. However, I reckon that Tin Hill Social’s relatively decent prices and casual, comfort food will be one more option for those seeking another place to escape to.

Thank you Tin Hill Social for the invitation.

Tin Hill Social
100 Turf Club Road
Horse City
Singapore 287992
Reservations: 6466 0966
Website: www.tinhillsocial.com 
Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri 10am to Midnight
Sat and Sun 9am to Midnight
Closed Mondays