Tims Restaurant & Cafe – I Wanna Have My Lamb Rack!


Who says you cannot enjoy a delicate rack of lamb in the suburbs of the city. Especially with the idyllic setting of a street side bistro, a view that engages your meal up close with the happenings of the neighbourhood, and the occasional queue that forms for the desire to strike 4D. There we have it, Tims Restaurant & Cafe right in the middle of Lorong 4 Toa Payoh housing estate.


The interior is furnished simply with the traditional yet homely feel of just good ol’ homemade food that is going to be served up to you. No quick buzz or stuffy environments, but just a relaxing atmosphere that will get to you the moment you sit down.

Ideal for those class gatherings you were always intending to have at a budget but just didn’t know where to go.

When it comes to the food, Tims Restaurant & Cafe displays proudly on its signboard “Seafood, Steaks and Nepalese Cusine”. And it is not often that you come across a Western food establishment in Singapore that serves Nepalese food as a side or main.

As a starter, I called for the Cream of Mushroom ($3.00). The serving was presented hot, thick and chunky with a piece of toasted garlic bread. While the mushroom bits were a little chewy, it added good texture to the broth. I preferred this over today’s Soup of the Day Cream of Chicken and Cauliflower. That’s a new one for me.

For the mains, I ordered the Lobster with Fish Fillet ($16.80). Described as the “Local Lobster combo with panseared cajun spice fish topped with mango salsa”, I expected a kinky, tangy, sweet and sour mix of a seafood combination.

Half a lobster was served, and yes it is meaty and not too sinewy. Decent enough with a slight quell taste of the sea. For the fish, it was aptly presented with the natural flavours standing out. The mango salsa is essential to the dish as it complements the otherwise strong character of the seafood itself, striking a good balance when combined.

My next main was the Rack of Lamb($15.00). Today’s Daily Special, I asked for it Medium Well. It was enjoyable with juices bursting at each bite. And every further chew into the meat would reveal a delicate scent of the herbs marinated well through. The scent of lamb was not too strong and in fact delicious to the bite.

The sides of vegetables lightly boiled in water and vinegar lightened the dish as a whole. Its tanginess was an ideal contrast to the heavy red meat.


Full commendation must also go to the Herbs Crusted Potato side. Its mashed potatoes remade. Crispy skin, with the insides being warm and fuzzy. It goes very well with the rosemary sauce.

Of course, what is visiting a Nepalese Western Restaurant without at least trying some of the home cuisines. Samosa ($3.00), Nepalese style was recommended. It was described as Curry Puffs made of potatoes, greenpeas, fresh spring onion, coriander wrapped in a delicious home made pastry, topped with authentic Nepali sauce.

I have to agree that the home made pastry was good. Buttery, and only a little flaky, it added a tantalizing taste to each bite. The filling was generous and the pastry shell was stuffed with creamed herbed potatoes and pieces of cashews. However, the coriander might be a little too strong for some.


Deep the samosa in the home made chilli dip or as they call it “Nepalese Achar”. Somehow, the herbs and spices are simply getting my groove going.


I also ordered MoMo($3.80 for 5). The owner, Tom, described the dish as Nepalese Xiao Long Baos. Intrigued, I ordered a portion. It was very good eaten piping hot and dipped with the achar.

The Lobster Main was ordered as a set for a top up of $3.00. So apart from the soup of the day being served, there is also a serving of the day’s dessert and a coffee or teh tarik. Today’s dessert of the day was Banana Blueberry Cake.

The slice alone had a strong semblance of banana essence, and anything blueberry was overpowered. Soft, with the dash of icing sugar adding a touch of colour and sweetness.


The last dessert would be the Mango Puff. A soft custardless puff is served with Mango custard and strawberry sauce poured generously on the pastry itself. The mango custard was thick with sweetness not too overbearing. Good.

I was surprised to find Tims Restaurant in the neighbourhoods of Toa Payoh. Its decent pricing is also another pull factor together with the friendly and courteous staff.

I spent roughly $45 for today’s lunch for two persons. And judging from what I had so far, I am certain I will be back to try out the other dishes. Especially that Lamb Shank, it looks sooo-ooo tempting.

IMG_4276 Tims Restaurant & Cafe
Blk 95
Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

Tel : 6250 5246
Opens from : 11.30am – 10.30pm

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