Thou shall be tempted with hearty vegetarian food at Original Sin


When I first heard of Original Sin, I immediately thought of what tempting pleasures awaited me. I later found out it was a Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant, and was made even more tempted when I expected a good hummus to appear. The name of the restaurant, opened way back in 1997, suggests many things. But the name is perhaps fitting for the original flavours. And what more with Valentine’s day just round the corner, dropping by could be you expressing it all to your date this romantic season.



Original Sin is located along the quiet streets of Chip Bee Gardens. Slightly away from the bustling Holland Village, the restaurant features both an indoor and outdoor seating area. I thought it would be more in line with the cuisine, so I opted for the great outdoors. A temperate choice depending on the weather, especially in this country’s scorching heat. I was literally sweating and enjoying it.


Start off with the Mezze Platter (Starter $22, Main $30) – a platter with generous portions of aromatic pumpkin and carrot, Eggplant baba ganoush, Yogurt tzatziki and Falafel balls. The portions of ciabatta bread was almost a de-facto choice to have when accompanying the dips (Yes, I really think the bread complemented the dips). Personal favourite? Eggplant baba ganoush for that slight smoky flavour, and maybe that pumpkin and carrot for that sweetness.


Indulge next in the Spanakopita ($26). This two in one serving is a portion of Baked ricotta, spinach, feta and filo pastry and a portion of Portobello and mixed vegetable ratatouille. The portobello and mixed vegetable ratatouille was a delectable mess of cheesy tomato rich goodness scented with a base of earthen flavours.


I particularly enjoyed the Baked ricotta, spinach, feta, and filo pastry for the unpretentious presentation with whopping flavours of savoury spinach layered between pieces of crisp pastry. Put both servings together, and I say this is an excellent main to indulge in.


When the Magic Mushroom ($18) came out, I honestly thought it was another ratatouille served ontop a portobello. I wasn’t that far off as the mushroom featured another portobello except this time round with ricotto cheese, spinach, pesto, and topped with a tomato basil sauce and mozzarella. Talk about cheesy tomato goodness. I would highly recommend ordering either this or the previous as the presence of tomato and cheese so frequently would be over-indulging.


To tone things down slightly, I ordered the Falafel Salad ($18). Falafel is a deep fried ball constituting chickpeas and fava beans. It was served quartered and tossed with greens, kalamata olives, and capsicums. A dollop of yogurt sat on the top spiced up with added citrus from a lemon for that slightly refreshing taste. Looks fabulous with bright colours throughout, though at this point I was felt the falafels was a bit much on this dinner table.


The main of Bosco Misto ($26) featured two large patties made of spinach, feta and tofu. Coated with crushed almonds and sesame seeds, asparagus and a button mushroom plum sauce, this was a slightly sweet savoury mix.


And a break away from the luxuriousness of Mediterranean delights would be the Absolut Pasta ($26). The serving of Penne pasta is cooked with asparagus, button mushrooms, spinach, capsicum and onion. Later on flamed with Absolut vodka, in a pink sauce with shaved parmesan. Little flavours of vodka there, just a good serving of pasta with creamy textures and a good savoury bite.


I wanted to now break away from the tomato base so I ordered a Primavera Pizza ($22). The thought of fresh green and yellow zucchini sounded tempting. But then the orange base came, and I was momentarily crestfallen. Still, this was an excellent serving in its own right. Thin crust with rich umami flavours accentuating the slightly nutty zucchini. Another visual appeal for good colours all around!


For desserts, I ordered the Lemon Meringue Tart ($12), Marble Cheese Cake ($12), and the Hazelnut Chocolate Cake ($12) as they were recommended by the staff and sounded tempting (especially my weakness for lemony desserts).


Start off with the Marble Cheese Cake. Swirled with Valrhona chocolate and topped with a good scoop of ice cream vanilla slowly melting down the sides, this was heaven in thick smooth sweetness. Cut through the cake, pair with a touch of vanilla and contrasting sweet chocolate, lick your spoon to savour the last bits.


A thumbs up for the Lemon Meringue Tart as it carried a beautiful sliced gel portion of lemon curd topped with foamy meringue. The tangy citrus flavour contrasted the subtle sweetness of the white ‘cotton’ nicely and it was refreshing to clean the palate from all the surprisingly heavy vegetarian dishes.


For those who must have your chocolate, there is the Hazelnut Chocolate Cake. The serving of dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut crispy as a base elicited mellow sweetness strongly resounding with the aromatics of the cocoa bean. Textures were also thick and and firm, giving each slice a definite portion to enjoy.


Wei jie and me

My visit to Original Sin left me very well impressed with the wonders of Vegetarian cuisine beyond any initial impressions of what I thought would be Vegetarian cuisine. I daresay that the dishes are probably some of the best I’ve tried so far. Three basic ingredients seem to stand out here and they are Cheese, Tomato and Mushroom. Of course there are others, but maybe I just experienced too much in a single sitting that they became prominent. Then again, the heavenly three match bring out the delectable flavours of what would otherwise be a pale unpalatable combination with the strength of umami and savaouriness. I also greatly enjoyed the dessert, especially the Lemon Meringue tart and Marble Cheese Cake. When I do go back, I’ll probably find a way to order both desserts and perhaps a Magic Mushroom before that.

Thank you Original Sin for the invitation

Original Sin
Blk 43
Jalan Merah Saga Holland Village
Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278115
Tel: 6475 5605

Opens from:
Mon-Sun 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 1030pm