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A little note from the team

What started off as a personal project in 2003, has now after 14 years, seen multiple iterations of the GourmetEstorie website and brand. First conceived of as a recipe repository, GourmetEstorie is now an online vault of all things memorable. From the deep, intensely flavourful, traditional local fare, to the modern, interpretive and sometimes, surprising culinary displays, the website aims to present the evolving nature of gastronomy.

There is a strong emphasis on the visual. While food is oftentimes, and still, described in traditional prose, we hope that our pictures will whet your appetite for the next adventure. Philosophically, the brand is guided by the principles of fairness and balance in all its articles. We believe that taste is always subjective, and a creation of our memories, personal experiences, individual ideas and expectations. Food remains the primary focus in our articles. Yet we will, occasionally, feature writings from other domains.

We hope you will continue to savour life’s enthralling moments with us.

Thank you for visiting!

Justin Pereira


Justin is a lover of food and all things photographically beautiful. Armed with a camera and an appetite, he is on the lookout for dishes that will leave a memorable memory. Come join him in this gastronomic adventure as he goes around Singapore documenting the food that is worth sharing with everybody! And if you have something to recommend, drop him an email to get in touch.

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Benjamin Ho


Benjamin has been writing and blogging since he was a youth, and enjoying food since he was even younger. He has also dabbled in photography, and is excited to review and photograph the best food that Singapore has to offer for GourmetEstorie. He blogs about his travels at his own blog, Bumps on a Trip.

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Lan Yingjie


Yingjie grew up in a family deeply passionate about food. Growing up, his granddad was deeply pleased when a young Yingjie was splayed on a restaurant chair, telling everyone that he couldn’t move because he was just too full. Now quite a bit older, that passion for food has only grown (along with his size). To him, food isn’t just about taste, but the memories that accompany it. And therefore, if you want good memories of life, make sure you eat good food.

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Tom Ng


When Tom was growing up, he used to sulk whenever his parents took him on cross-country weekend trips to stuffy hawker centres and coffee shops. Today, he credits them with sparking his appreciation for food. He particularly enjoys good soups, cream cakes, and sambal chili.

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Elliot Tan


Elliot is a guy who’s frequently fascinated about food. From its origins, to its preparation, cultural significance, and even to how we perceive taste, there are few other things that get him as excited as a meal with a soul. After all, the best dinner conversation is, as they say, sometimes about the dinner itself.

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