The Unending Seafood Galore at Parkroyal on Beach Road Plaza Brasserie


The extensive and popular fish buffet at Plaza Brasserie just got even better! From the 2nd of September to the 30th October dinners, diners will now get to enjoy the “Seafood Galore” spread. In addition to the original Freshest Catch dinner buffet where your choice fishes will undergo preparations a la minute in the kitchen to be served in either Hong Kong, Teo Chew, Nonya, Thai Lime and Chilli, Sweet and Sour or Black Bean style there is now a spectrum of clams, mussels, crabs, prawns, oysters and scallops all in the “made to order” spread as well.

And the buffet does not end here, as the promotion for two good months is inclusive of the original buffet lineup where the traditional favourites of Braised Sea Cucumber, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Roast Meats, are all still available.


In yesterday’s lunch, 6 dishes were selected from the kitchen to be presented as a sampler of what more we can expect. For one of my favourites, that would be the White Clams with Spicy Onion Sauce. Whenever I look at White Clams I always allude it to Vongole. However in this instance, Executive Chef Jackson Goh prepares this creation with a blended mix of diced chillies, and sweet onions ever so tenderly caramelized to bring an infusion of sweetness and hotness. Pair that with the natural sea rich flavour from the white clams, and what you get is a lasting flavour that tingles the back of the tongue after the first taste.


My next personal thumbs up will go to the Soft Shell Crab with Five Spice Powder. Huge, chunky soft shell crabs deep fried to a tender crisp yet with the insides meaty and juicy is tossed in a mix of five spice powder and other ingredients. The crispy texture was not to be missed and the flavour of the seasoning leaves a hearty desire in the mouth with a nice mix of pepperishness and savouriness. However, certain portions were a tad too salty probably due to an uneven spread of the salt.


For a little something more homely, there is the Green Shell Mussels with Black Bean Sauce. The black bean sauce is normally associated by me with a good deep fried sea bass and then coating it with that savoury lip smacking sauce. In this variant, green shell mussels are used as the main ingredient. The flavours are naturally strong with a good briny flavour infused within. Recommended to go well with rice if available.


Then there is another mussel dish, the Fresh Black Mussel with Sambal Sauce. Piquantly a tad more spicy with a curve in the savoury department bordering that of a prawny fragrance, the black mussels are nicely soaked in the sauce itself for that extra oomph. It’s generally sweet and the spiciness level is one that should be appreciable by many. Nice meaty mussels, all in a bite.


I have both mixed feelings for this dish of Bamboo Clams with Black Pepper Sauce. I loved the sauce even if I found it a little salty, I loved the slightly crunchy firm texture of the bamboo clams itself though the sea flavours were a little strong. I am probably at best undecided about this dish, but as much as I tell myself I can’t appreciate this dish, I kept going back for another serving.


A true classic will never fail, so the simple yet exquisite combination of the Grey Prawns with Spicy Garlic Prawns comes as a well accepted dish throughout the table. Spicy and fresh with the gentle marring of light heaviness from the garlic, the prawns are well coated in generous gravy.IMG_6314

One section not to be missed is the Roast Meat counter. I found the serving of Char Siew with sweet sauce particularly intriguing and the fattiness of the portion itself is a nice thumbs up from me.  It was first bite and then the sweetness of the meat and the second level of sweetness from the sauce oozed out to make a tender combination. Follow that with the fatty layer, and oh my! Roast Duck and Plum Sauce was good, though it would be great if the skin was really a crisp delight.

IMG_6305 Me and Executive Chef Jackson Goh

The latest promotion from Parkroyal on Beach Road is one worthy the attention of Seafood lovers. With a good spread of seafood all about and to be prepared in many ways, I guess it would simply be a seafood delight of just piping hot tasty dishes served with hot steamed white rice to glaze that lovely sauce all about. Hungry? I know I am.

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Many Thanks to Karen, Parkroyal on Beach Road for the Invitation

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The Seafood Galore
Available from : 2nd Sept to 30th Oct 2011.

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