The Prosperity Buffet Feast at Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal on Beach Road!


The Spring Festival celebrated each year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar marks the end of the Winter season, signalling the start of prosperous and bountiful days ahead. For Chinese families across the globe, this is the most important festival where kin come together to rejoice and rekindle old ties over a culinary feast, visiting the elders and each other, and just having good ol’ boisterous fun. The celebrations at Plaza Brasserie, Parkroyal on Beach Road, aims to add to that glamour. With Yu Sheng, Mini Pen Cai, Steamed Fish and an assortment of Chinese New Year goodies at part of the buffet line up, this is one highlight not to be missed! For a warm and cozy dinner reunion and celebration, this is the Prosperity Buffet Feast at the Plaza Brasserie!


Specially and newly introduced this year is Chef Jackson’s creation of Fruity Yu Sheng with fresh tropical fruits tossed into the mix. Mandarin Oranges, Peaches, Rose Apples, Rock Melon, Dried Persimmons, Green Mango and Papaya add to the traditional assortment of ingredients with crackers and fresh salmon sashimi by the side.


While the traditional Yu Sheng is also available, the Fruity Yu Sheng was a refreshing mix for the palate. Light, crisp, sweet, a little mellow and hearty – the very few words that I will take to describing the tossed mix. I especially enjoyed the bits of pulpy mandarin oranges as they added a burst of flavour in each bite. The best part, the Yu Sheng to be tossed at your table is available throughout the dining hours.


For a symbolically savoury Chinese New Year dish, there is the Mini Pen Cai. Special ingredients such as Fish Maw, Prawns, Sea Cucumber, Sliced Abalone, Roast Duck and more make up the flavourful broth. For a pen cai at a buffet line, this is pretty impressive. Though personally, I would prefer a thicker and richer broth that speaks volume of the intensity of ingredients placed within.


Specially for dinners, guests can only go for servings of freshly steamed Fish in Superior Stock. I had both the Red Garoupa and Snapper served up. Each fish was excellently fresh with clean tastes throughout. The superior soy sauce added a sparkle of savoury flavours to the sea sweetness of the fish, giving another dimension that leaves a nutty hearty sensation at the end.




Going through the buffet line, I spied sliced Abalone for your dining pleasure!


Fresh Prawns


Fresh Oysters


The baked cheese scallops caught my attention this time round as it’s my first time seeing it on the lineup. It is almost hard to go wrong with Baked Cheese and scallops. The umami richness of cheese simply brought out the flavours of sweet scallop with creamy textures all around.


Salmon Sushi, all ready at the Japanese cuisine section


Grilled Chicken Terriyaki


Some of the notable mains to go for in this Lunar New Year special are the Fried Rice with Preserved Meat, Braised Sea Cucumber with Roasted Pork and the Braised Pork Knuckle with Dried Oyster and Black Moss.


Steamed mini jiu cai dumplings


The dessert array presents a selection of Chinese New Year sweet treats in addition to the classics. Go for the Traditional Egg Tartlets, as they satisfy both a dim sum crave and something savoury and sweet in a single sitting. I heard there were Pineapple tarts but have yet to try one. Mmmm =D



A unique dessert also available this year is the Durian Nian Gao with Bak Kua. When it is served warm fresh from the kitchen, that is the time to try a few pieces. The Nian Gao is tastefully soft and chewy, with the durian not overpowering the entire piece. Toppings of bak kua crumbs lend an oily savoury note to the sweet treat, complementing the flavours into a wholesome delight.



Wu Chao, Karen, Brian and Me


The Prosperity Buffet at Plaza Brasserie this year has impressed me. There is Yu Sheng and Pen Cai on the menu, and it is part of the buffet spread. For the buffet’s value, I would say that the spread is well worth the price. Go for dinners and enjoy the luxuries of having fish and more fish this Lunar New Year. And while you are at it, grab the Egg Tarts and Durian Nian Gao. Start and end with Prosperous dishes in abundance, while enjoying them with all. Chef Jackson has made this year’s Chinese New Year at Plaza Brasserie a little more special with these selection of dishes.

If you are keen to visit, I would suggest giving the restaurant a call before hand. I hear that some days for the New Year period are exceptionally popular!

Thank You Parkroyal on Beach Road for the invitation

Plaza Brasserie
7500A Beach Road
Parkroyal Hotel on Beach Road
Reservations: 6505 5710

28 Jan to 24th Feb
Lunch: Adult $45++ Child $27++
Dinner: Adult $58++ Child $35++

Chinese New Year Eve (9th Feb)
Lunch: Adult $45++ Child $27++
Dinner: Adult $78++ Child $47++

Chinese New Year First (10th Feb) and Second Day (11th Feb)
Lunch: Adult $62++ Child $37++
Dinner: Adult $62++ Child $37++