The Prata Place : Crispy, Fluffy Prata


Pratas look simply delish!

Finally, I am on leave. For a week or so, I will get to enjoy the confines of my bed. Ah. I woke today slightly after 8 when Dad and I decided to grab some crispy prata along the street of Upper Thomson Road.

This is my 2nd time being at The Prata Place. The last time I was here was with Keng Huang, Rachel, Belinda and Cepheus and boy did we order plenty. I previously had Roti John, Thosai and Mutton Soup. Today, it was time to go straight into the action of Pratas!

The best part of the pratas is the crisp, fluffy and warm texture that demands piece after piece to be dipped in curry and popped into the mouth. Somehow, I felt I could go on to at least 6 pratas but I stopped at 2. Was thinking of eating other stuff later on =)

1 prata cost $0.90. A little steep but its worth it. Gone were the days when delicious prata could be easily found for $0.60. A long long time ago, in a country far far away….


Apart from the standard fare of Fish curry, I called for a serving of Mutton Curry. Savoury, and a little salty sourish, with the fiery spices left burning alive in the mouth. I liked the part that the mutton pieces were soft and tender with little association of the commonly found “aroma” Nice! Though the price of $4.50 might be a little touchy.


Dad called for the Egg & Onion Prata ($1.80) as well. The prata is elongated in a rectangle shape with egg and chopped sweet onions acting as stuffing. Looked liked a Murtabak to me, but that is a prata for all those eggy lovers out there. It is the crunchy onions that add a different kick and combination for the prata and the curry.


Standard serving of soury spicy fish curry. Ample thickness in the curry was a good sign.


Bandung,Sweet Lassi

I found my latest crave for drinks. Sweet Lassi or sweetened yoghurt milk is perhaps a very good way to cool all the fiery flavours from a delicious prata meal. Soothing, smooth, sweet, icy and a thirst quencher. $2.00 is far reasonable for such a lovely simple drink =)


Nothing much to state but The Prata Place is still one of the better prata shops in Singapore. Very good prata, decent prices, great for breakfast!

IMG_2769 The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Ave
Tel : 64595670

Delicious, crispy prata. Goes well with that serving of fiery Mutton Curry.

Round two for breakfast! Kway Chap at the coffeeshop down the street


Not the best Kway Chap I have tasted but its been so long since I had a serving of pig innards, egg, tofu and beancurd in a braised dark sauce slurped with a bowl of smooth thin flat noodles. $4.50 for a set with an additional bowl of noodles seems like a good deal. Though I did find the braised sauce a tad salty for my liking, and the chilli wasn’t sour enough.

IMG_2786 IMG_2791

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