The Power Struggle

The people who argued for Freedom, Equality and Justice. They fought and got to power.
But power can be an evil thing, and once one remains too long in it, the soul within that once existed can cease to exist.
The authoritarian begins again.

All in the name of preserving the ideologies of an ideal civilization.

Power can be easily divided into three categories.
– high
– medium
– low
Noted especially by George Orwell in 1984.

The high remain a group filled with power and distinct privileges.
The medium differ from the low with the capacity to think but have not given the opportunity to be high.

As the medium becomes envious of what they do not have,
they would naturally employ the low for assistance in a natural deceit of the demands of equality taken away by the unequal positioning of power in society.

Namely, the high has stolen what should be “fairly shared”.
With the high overthrown, the medium become the new high.
And in the basket of power with no desire to share them but to exert them,
the low are kicked aside eventually.

Spawning dissent, a few low work towards being mediums
and former highs become mediums.
Only to once again revert to the cycle of inequality and power.
History that has been rewritten becomes the truth.
Rewrite it too much and what is true or false ceases to exist.

What we know these days may not be truth in its essence.
The bright history leads to exaltation.
The sad history leads to empathy.

The critics of what is true in the written past only certifies that feeling.
Both ways, they aim to help those who propagate them.