The Norwegian Seafood Feast at Triple Three Mandarin Orchard!


Triple Three Mandarin Orchard is back with a new promotion of A Celebration of Seafood from Norway. Famed for its Hokkaido seafood promotion, the restaurant is now hosting Norwegian born Chef Adrian Lovold to create Norwegian and its inspired dishes to allow all to taste the freshness of the cold sea. With a wide spread of seafood specially imported for this season, tuck in to a delightful spread of lobsters, crabs, scallops, sweet mussels, sweet prawns and caviar served in different styles. This is a true celebration of the flavours from the sea, in true blue Norwegian inspired style. Now, how bout that freshly steamed lobster off the bubbling mix of sea stones. Imagine the aromatics!


26 year old Adrian Lovold started tinkering in the kitchen from the tender age of 13. Born in Norway, the chef is proud to have his cuisine featured in Singapore where he hopes to bring the freshness of the ocean to the dinner table, allowing guests to taste the clear sweetness nature has to offer. From his short stint at Mandarin Orchard, Chef Adrian will then travel around South East Asia for three months to share with other chefs the secrets of Norwegian cooking and learning from them in the process. He will be here from now till the 28th of March when the promotion at Triple Three ends.


I started off dinner with some delights Chef Adrian had already prepared from his live cooking station. The repertoire he presents changes from time to time, making each day’s visit a unique one on its own.


Next up, Pickled Herring served with mash and radish. Salty, briny flavours are centrepiece in this petit portion. And the dish is definitely well appreciated with the smooth side of mash that contrasts with textured earthy flavours. A combination of ocean and the land, no?


Fresh sashimi. The quality of fish was exceptionally good, with each piece being crisp and clear in flavour. Each piece was also of a consistent thickness that gave a good bite and chew amidst all the sweetness.

IMG_1897 As the last time I visited Triple Three was during Christmas 2011, I was impressed to find out that the restaurant now offers freshly shucked oysters. Freshness is almost guaranteed in this method of preparation and serve, with the oyster retaining its creamy volume in a bite of juicy sea sweetness. Squeeze a little lemon, dash in a little tobasco sauce, or just enjoy the serving au naturel.


For the promotional season, the fresh seafood counter will feature a selection of delicacies specially brought in by Chef Adrian. Ranging from King Crabs, Norwegian Lobsters, Sweet Mussels and Prawns, the variety is definitely not one to be missed. I usually avoid this particular station as I 1) sometimes find it a hassle to go through the shells 2) the seafood can be cold and too hard when left out for too long. Nonetheless, the selection at Triple Three was good throughout, and I really enjoyed the pieces I took.


Norwegian Lobsters


I highly recommend going for the scallops, lobsters and sweet prawns. The meat is generally tender with that crisp sweetness so recognizable of good quality seafood. And if you feel like it, dig in to a selection lumpfish caviar by the side. Beautiful.




Pan Fried Cod with Pureed Pumpkin


From the Chinese steamed live station, dishes there take a different twist. There is the Black Ink Chawanmushi with Salmon Trout roe, delectable as the name suggests. Rich salinity from the roe, savoury flavours from the egg custard, warm alkaline fuzziness from the squid ink. Excellent combination.


Norway Lobster (Scampi) for the Norwegian Seafood Bouillabaisse


The French seafood stew from Marseille has its own creation in this Norwegian dish. Made from Monkfish, Codfish, Sweet Prawn, Mussels and Norway Lobster to order, witness the chef prepare and cook the ingredients right in front of you and enjoy the aromatics all around. Thereafter tuck in to the savoury sea sweet stew that highlights tender saltiness together with the fresh meaty seafood.


Live Prawns, Norway Scampi, with Hua Tiao and Chinese Herbs


This portion of Beer Battered Cod Fish surprise me. I was expecting it to be crispy, but it was that crispy. Fantastic. And as I got deeper into the fish fillet centred within, I marvelled at the warm savoury moment that was a little soft and tender, contrasting greatly with the crisp skin in totality.


Dover sole with Leak and Mushroom


Lobsters steamed over sea pebbles. Heavy steel pots filled with pebbles and water are allowed to boil, and then fresh lobsters are placed over the stones to allow the steam to gently cook each crustacean to perfect doneness. Lift the cover and immerse your senses with the delights of cooking. Once ready, pour some sea urchin sauce over and enjoy the warm, tender sweet lobster that is of a different category all together. Excellent.




Slow roast Kagoshima Wagyu – meats for everybody



IMG_1860 IMG_1825

The selection of desserts at Triple Three are also Norwegian or Norwegian inspired during this promotional period. All were good, and the variety notably a marked improvement from my last visit a couple of years back.







Savoury desserts if you must. I did, and tried a little of each.


The Celebration of Seafood from Norway is available at Triple Three from now till the 28th of March. I left dinner feeling satisfied with the quality variety of fresh seafood available, dressed up to excellent portions by Chef Adrian. The harmonious incorporation of Norwegian ingredients into the buffet line is also well thought of, inspiring new yet familiar flavours. The way Norwegian seafood is meant to be served is to enjoy the full flavours of the ingredient itself, masked little by any surrounding tastes. I particularly enjoyed the fresh seafood section, and the steamed lobsters over sea pebbles. Go for the squid ink chawanmushi, and of course the selection of desserts. These are the must tries at Triple Three this promotional period.

Thank you Mandarin Orchard Triple Three for the invitation

Triple Three
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
333 Orchard Road
Level 5
Tel : 6831 6271

Celebration of Seafood from Norway (12th – 28th March)
Dinner : $128 ++

DBS/POSB Cardholders 50% off for 2nd adult diner
Eat@Mandarin members enjoy a special glass of cocktail/mocktail on top of their dining discounts.