The Modern Age Bak Kut Teh

DSCF7617 Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
11 New Bridge Road
Upp Circular Road (Opposite Central)
Closed on Mondays

Light, clear meaty herbal broth with a hint of its traditional history.


Song Fa Bak Kut Teh might be a name popular amongst the die-hard fans of the tea indulging pork broth. Bak Kut Teh, literally meaning Meat Bone Tea is actually soup made from pork, numerous herbs and spices and being boiled for a very long time.

I ordered the “small” bowl of Song Fa’s Bak Kut Teh at a slightly above average price of $5.50. Service was quick and fast, and the dishes arrived within minutes.


Personally, I found the soup light and clear, not embroiled entirely in the strong scent of herbs and spices. The taste was slightly peppery, savoury with a tinge of meaty sweetness. The meat pieces itself were soft and degustable. But for me, the best part was when the service staff refilled the soup for you generously once the bowl starts to look empty. – Major plus point there =)


The Braised Pig Trotters were another recommendation of the outlet. With the layer of skin and fat being jelly soft and basked in a light sauce which was not overly salty, it proved to be extremely appetizing enough to ask for the next bite and more.


It was also good that the trotter was generally deboned and that provided easy eating. Come on, who wants to get down right messy slurping the goodness out of that knuckle when you know you might visit the trendy pub down Clarke Quay next?

For $5.50, this dish might be the most reasonable pig trotter I have eaten yet!


To be fair to the pig, I had to order the Braised Pig Intestines as well. Also priced at $5.50 (I wonder if the Feng Shui Master had a hand in the pricing? ) the intestines were easy to chew and provided little hints of a porky meaty taste throughout. Not too bad, almost reminiscent of a very good Kway Chap meal I once had.


Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is located directly opposite Central and with its location at one of the most popular nightspots in town, it might be the next upmarket Bak Kut Teh stall to entertain the younger generation. With its history of over 30 years, the outlet is filled with experience on how and what to serve its customers.

Partake in some Bak Kut Teh and after that, enjoy the boats flowing down the Clarke Quay riverside.
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