The Lawn at Biopolis – Good, hearty salads and grills to go!


The Lawn at the Biopolis and most recently at Shenton Way, is one Salad cafe where you get to fully customize your salad whilst pairing it with a choice of your favourite meats for that hearty, satisfying meal. Top it off with a range of dressings that settle for the tangy sour to the robust medley of sambal, and you are in for a delicious ride. Enjoy your greens the way you want it!


Start off by selecting either a base of Olive Rice or Salad, add a grilled meat or two, and finish off with dressings and toppings of your choice. For the Olive rice, be presented with a side salad while you make the choice of dressing. The range of grills available include Chicken with Maple infusion, Ben’s Beef Rub (pictured) to the uniquely named Grilled Salsa Duck. Commendably, the Olive rice is lightly flavourful with a good amount of oiliness permeated throughout. The rice is a touch grainy with a fragrance that is not overly indulgent. Having it with some chunks of tender grilled beef and you definitely have a satisfying meal.


Those that are looking for a seafood option will get to choose either a selection of Char-Grilled prawns or the Butter-Seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub. The fish is lightly flaky with a nice colour grilled over it. A decent choice, and great for value.


Those that feel exceptionally inadequate by an overwhelming amount of salad customization choices will be happy to note that there is a select Chef’s recommendation. The Crunches with Munches ($10.90) will see Char-grilled prawns, Granola, Pineapple, Cucumber and Cashew Nuts paired with a dressing of Me So Spicy. The dressing made lovingly with a special concoction of sambal was not excessively spicy but piquant enough for an exciting array of flavours to stand out. I added a side of mixed mushrooms just for a more satisfying meal.


Custom creation of Cajun Chicken, Tomato, Onion, Broccoli, Raisins and Cashew Nuts.IMG_1233

Back row : Peachy peach, Wafu, Me So Spicy
Front row : Maple Peanut, Citrus, Red Island, Perky Sesame Ginger

Mention goes to the range of sauces that are available at The Lawn. While I did not immediately adore the Peachy Peach (sour), Citrus (sour) or the Maple Peanut (queer), I have to give my commendations to the Me So Spicy, Red Island (wonderfully created with sundried tomatoes), and the Perky Sesame Ginger (tastes just like Chicken rice ginger and oil).


The Lawn at the Biopolis is great for those who are in the area looking for a selection of salads and meats to go along with it. While it is not the first salad bar on scene, its unique dressings stand out from the rest. I loved the food but little else can be said for the decor that seems catered for a quick come and go crowd. For those who are in the area, The Lawn also offers a delivery service with a minimum order of $80. Otherwise, the trip to Biopolis might seem a journey in itself.

Thank you The Lawn for the invitation

The Lawn
Buona Vista
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