The Day When The Seafood Platter For 2 Is Enough For One.


Saturday seemingly seems like the best time of the week as you know its the weekend but not entirely the end of the week. Decided yesterday with Wai Hou to meet up together and grab some dinner and a movie and in the process we hooked Aloy and Jason along. What more can JC Buddies in Army now ask for?


Went to Manhattan Fish Market for a quick fix of dinner. And as usual, Wai Hou and I had to share something. Ordered the Seafood Platter for 2 at $33.80. Ok lah, nothing special. Battered Fish Patty felt like it was overly battered with the flesh being a little too seafoody for my preference. Fried oyster were juicy but nothing of that Wow factor and the Calamari rings were “oh so forgettable”


I reckoned the only thing that really stood out was the garlic rice served lavishly at the bottom. Fragrant and savoury, it was good while it lasted. And as the mayo-ed prawns were acclaimed to be the acclaimed of the dish, nothing too fantastic and I have tasted even more delicious ones at Suki Sushi. Still, I felt that this seafood platter for 2 was a little dismal in its portions. Come on, for $33.80, I think more oysters and another fish fillet might be in order.


Mushroom chowder was ok with the broth being a little watered down. Yet, I enjoyed the bits of chopped mushroom in it. Slurpingly good if they provided some crusty croutons with it. 

After dinner, went to catch the BIGGEST MOVIE of the month AFTER Harry Potter and Jack Neo’s Where Got Ghost – G.I Joe. Typical story plot with twists here and there and jam packed with futuristic technology in the army. Rather awesome movie though if not for the fact we were relegated to the first row in the cinema and had to stare at the screen with our necks tilted up like some ostrich.

DSCF7848 DSCF7850

Ended the ‘great’ day of dinner with catch from the sea and a slight pain in the neck from the movie with a cuppa Hot chocolate and cream cheese bagel (scrumptious) from Starbucks. Hopefully we get to meet up again sometime soon, and I really think this time round we must go for a buffet to maximise each dollar spent.