The Chocolate Bar At Marina Bay Sands – A Sweet Feast aboard the Sands SkyPark

thechocolatebar Everyday at 8pm, The Club at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark partially transforms into a magical buffet from the land of Chocolate. Counters are cleared, glasses replaced, and then cakes and pastries, to tarts and macaroons are laid out in exquisite fashion with candied almonds and nuts adorning the tabletops together with statues of chocolate pieces.

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It is almost every chocolate lover’s dream, and with each item uniquely crafted by Marina Bay Sands Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna and his team, this full blown buffet of 57 chocolate themed desserts is a journey that plays strongly on textures, flavours and layers. The breathtaking ambience of the Singapore skyline as witnessed from the Resort’s Sands SkyPark at the 57th level rounds off the entire adventure as a beautiful way to end the day.


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Caramel Milk Chocolate Tarts (Top Left), Rosemary – Milk Chocolate Cappuccino (Top Right), Fruits of the Orchard Compote (Bottom Left),  67% and 72% Ganache paired with mini pipettes filled with wine (Bottom Right)


A multitude of selections are available to sweeten the palate. Creations such as the White Chocolate – Pistachio & Five Spice Pear Baskets leaves a crisp yet velvety smooth taste peppered with hints of five spice powder textured with the crunchy yet soft cubes of pear.


The Black Pepper Chocolate Mousse Coriader Cream Pineapple itself sharply contrasts the common ideal smooth bitter sweet taste of the cacao bean with tangy pieces of pineapple hinting strongly towards an inspiration from a glass of Pina Colada.


And an interesting recommendation given to me was to try the Rosemary – Milk Chocolate Cappuccino. Served in a cup with a sprinkle of chocolate powder, the rosemary infused foam refreshes the palate with a clear herbal flavour, giving rise to a velvety mix of chocolate cappuccino.


Chocolate Nougat Torte (Top Row) Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mousse (Second Row), White Chocolate Pear – Torte (Third Row), Opera Torte (Fourth Row)

Cakes play a veritable mention in this spread. And a must try is the White Chocolate Pear – Torte. Layers bring out the true enjoyment in each piece. The first start is the torte which itself is cotton soft to the touch. Follow the journey down with the first layer of custard soft pieces of pear with its own fruity sweetness and refreshing taste.


The variety at The Chocolate Bar is numerous and apart from simply indulging in each exquisite piece, one is also treated to a classy design and ambience and also the breathtaking view from the SkyPark. As a guest of The Chocolate Bar, the whole SkyPark is available for access whereas a SkyPark visitor has to pay $20 to visit and view from a sectioned area.


Chocolate Pisatchio & Cherry

IMG_5124 IMG_5058

Chocolate Hazelnut Praline (Left)

IMG_5048 IMG_5017_1

Wide range of Assorted Chocolate Inspired Cookies (Left),  Truffle Macaroons, Pear-Walnut Macaroons, Elderflower Macaroons (Right)


Chocolate & Basil Tomato – Strawberry Confit

IMG_5107 IMG_5113

After Eight (Left), White Chocolate Cremeux Mango Compote (Right)


Strawberry – White Chocolate Ganache Lychee Pannacotta

IMG_5144 IMG_5145

Candied Hazelnuts (Left), Candied Macadamias (Right)


Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding



Steamed Chocolate “Creme” Banana Chutney


Warm Chocolate Fondant

IMG_5158 IMG_5159


IMG_5184 IMG_5171 IMG_5173

Crispy Mousse, Chocolate Brioche, Chocolate Donuts


Dark Chocolate Almonds,  White Chocolate Pisatchios, Orange Dark Chocolate Macadamias, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut



IMG_5195_1 IMG_5194 IMG_5196_1



And if the range of teas and coffee included in the chocolate buffet is not enough, wines and champagnes are also available separately.



Indoor & Alfresco dining options are available.


The bright lights of apartments and the upcoming Gardens by the bay.


The Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands is what I would call a worthy experience. Apart from feasting and savouring the pure pleasures of chocolaty creations by Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro, the visit also entails the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the Sands SkyPark itself. The buffet is located in The Club and is open from 8pm till midnight everyday, perfect for what I would call for an after dinner entertainment. To what I feel, the sweetness is not only in the creative chocolate desserts itself, but also the panorama all around.

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Many Thanks to Venetia, Marina Bay Sands for the invitation.

The Chocolate Bar
The Club at Marina Bay Sands
Sands SkyPark
Hotel Tower 2
Marina Bay Sands

Opens from :
8pm – Midnight Everyday

$38++ per person or $55++ per person with a glass of champagne

Reservations : 6688 8858