The Cat Piano

Invocating animation on The Cat Piano. I won’t go into too much of the details, but apparently such a device was created a few centuries ago. Yet the poem weaved into this animation provides a very clear, yet striking position on what I feel is exalting the beauty of cats and indirectly, the cruelty they face by man. Inspiring. Inspiring.

Update : The more I think of it, the more I see the poem as one that truly appreciates the arts in society. It appears that the poet (main character) puts forth a dramatic change in the city when all the singers and performers are taken away. The very fact that the city rises to rescue what has been lost demands a very strong attention that cultural values is held in very high regard. Basically, no more singers –> the city darkens –> happiness is lost.

More so, there is inclination to believe that the poem also aspires for the amelioration of civilisation. And that any backward step would prove to be disastrous and appalling.

A very strong choice is made in this animation to colour the most beautiful singer white. A imagery of purity, innocence and delicateness, the character contrasts the “darker” characters. Very strong imagery.

It is particularly impactful that at the end of every other stanza, the poet chooses to end it off with a singular, yet harsh and sharp word. The utterance and feelings for the word “snap” when the realization of all the singers has been gone is perhaps the turning point of the poem and animation towards its darkest tone. Retardness, savageness and an all out crudeness of natural instincts come into play. But in this case, to recover what was lost. So in that sense, some form of controlled mind can still exist within a society even if the treasured is lost.

Very inspiring poem on how man himself can recover what was lost. In any way possible.