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DSCF7884 Asia Grand Restaurant
No. 331 North Bridge Road
Odeon Towers
Tel: 6887 0010

Exquisite Oriental Cuisine Which Leaves To Impress While Being At Affordable Prices!


Asia Grand’s Specialty Peking Duck – Look at how that skin shines =)

Today’s lunch brought me back to Asia Grand Restaurant once again. My family was hosting guests from China so it was only proper that a fine lunch was in order. What more with Asia Grand being known to serve up exquisite cuisine (without mentioning at affordable prices), it was the perfect choice.


For 16 people, we had 2 tables and took on the Special Set Menu for 8 ($248++). Rather decent pricing with one person paying about $34 for a 7 course meal.


The very first dish that was served up was the House specialty – Peking Duck. Beautifully shiny and tantalizingly crispy, the Captain was masterful in carving out the slices of skin waiting to be wrapped in crepe and dipped in sweet sauce.

I am somehow trying out the idea of putting videos into the blog, so I took a short clip of the Peking Duck carving process. You can view it below.


And voila! The end product. Very crispy duck skin wrapped in a light crepe wrap together with a slice of cucumber and spring onion drizzled with the goodness of sweet sauce.


Of course the duck meat itself does not go to waste. Creatively and commonly, another entree is created called the Braised E-Fu Noodle with Shredded Duck Meat.


This is my first time trying the dish of Cold Yellow Roe Crab. Looks ordinary. Seems ordinary. Just like steamed crabs. But trust me, the meat was sweet and fresh. The dish of gingered vinegar provided complemented well wit the seafood taste of the crustacean.


If you are like any Kiasu Singaporean, this would be the best time to grab the shells as there within lies the treasured crab roe. Beautifully scrumptious.


The Fried Shrimp With Egg Yolk was presented in a plate much too big for its purpose. With 12 shrimps provided, I was lucky enough to grab 2 to delicately savour. It was good while it lasted. The prawns were crunchy and naturally sweet and with the strong coat of salted egg yolk all over the meat, a sinful savoury experience was relished. Though I must add that it was a tad salty for my own liking.


The soup of the day was nothing entirely special with it being Papaya soup with Pork Ribs. Slightly meaty and sweet, it was ok though the aftertaste proved it to be a little bland.


Sauteed Yew Mi Lettuce with Bean sauce

Veggies were masterful in its own right. Clear and crisp, it was not overcooked and the greens were definitely appealing. However, I believe the chef added a little too much of salted soy beans and in the end the dish tasted a little too much like vegetables simmered in seawater.


Steamed Fresh Pa-Ting Fish With Olive, Chilli & Garlic

Chinese cuisine somehow must always have fish in its menu as the fish itself is symbolic of fortune. The dish of Pa Ting Fish was presented with the fish simmered in its natural oils. There was a smooth texture to the firm meat and the salty, pepperish chopped olives boosted the flavours well.


Though I must say it is a rather common dish but nevertheless still good.


Fried Thin Noodle Roll Stuffed with Lobster Meat

We ordered a couple of extras to pass the time (rather we were still hungry). So out came the Dim Sum menu and with a couple of scribbled frenzied writings, we ordered platters of Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling and Fried Thin Noodle Roll Stuffed with Lobster Meat.


I shall shorten the name to Fried Lobster dumplings for convenience sake but it is hard to shorten on its description. I luved the creamy interior and the burst of flavour when I bit into the lobster filling. The shell itself was simply crispy and delectable. The red vinegar provided contrasted well with the sweetness of the lobster.


Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling

The scallop dumpling were itself a work of art. Hearty, with a crunchy prawn mix filling, it was refreshing with the fresh scallop piece placed gingerly on the top dressed with fish eggs to complete the picture.


This is my first time trying the dessert of Pan Fried Red Bean Pan Cake. Crispy albeit a little oily, the skin bordered on the texture of tempura. Yet still it was good and sweet.


One key thing I enjoy about Asia Grand is the personal service they provide. Constantly, waitress will keep on changing the plates to a fresh one (Even though with mine not being used) and they were prompt and attentive to your needs. I even recall the fresh wet towels being swapped for an even fresher version half and hour into the meal. Very good service!

Today’s set meal is only a glimpse at what Asia Grand can offer and it gets even better. Personally I felt that today’s meal could have been better though it was still great. To provide good food, great service at affordable prices, should be the key nature of any eating establishment.

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