The 60 Year Old Black Soy Sauce Chicken Tradition

DSCF6721 Chew Kee Eating House
8 Upper Cross Street
Tel : 6222 0507
Opens from 9am – 7pm (closed every Friday)

Sweet and Satisfying with the soy sauce packing a punch to the tender, smooth chicken. For half a chicken at $11, it is definitely a blessing on your wallet.


Located along the corridors of the traditional shophouses in Chinatown, one would expect to find heritage and culture as an institution of the place. Chew Kee Eating House with its 60th year anniversary is perhaps the model of such an establishment.


The specialty of the house is the Black Soy Sauce Chicken served with the choice of either Chicken Rice or Noodles. Priced at an affordable value of $11 for half a chicken, it is definitely a place worth visiting to satisfy your kick for chicken in tasty black soy sauce.

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The chicken was found to be soft and tender, with the pieces being easy to chew. I especially enjoyed the pieces of chicken skin as they contained the full flavour of the sauce in which the chicken was cooked in. That alone left me hungry for more.

However, the spark to the mind would be the attractive soy sauce that was ladled over the meat. The soy sauce is sweet, with it not being too salty and the delicate balance of fragrant sesame oil brought out the full flavour of the chicken. A startling surprise if you expected the sauce to be tasting like the sea because of its dark colour.


Ready for action and carving. This is not a time to be health conscious and start discarding those lovely pieces of skin. That is the best part.


For black soy sauce chicken, I would say Chew Kee Eating House takes my hat off. In the 60 years of running the place, I might say that it has become almost part of the nation’s history and become part of its heritage.

DSCF6736 DSCF6734
Auntie graciously posed for me (left). Guess how long she has been at the shop? – That is her in the picture above.

I wonder who is that at the back dressed in red with the same pose. Must be a disciple =)

There is however another stall selling Black Soy Sauce Chicken, named Chew Kee Noodle House. This article is about Chew Kee Eating House. So don’t go to the wrong stall and ask me why auntie is not there.

Its easiest to get there from Chinatown MRT Station, take Exit “E” .
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