Tarafuku Japanese Buffet. Good Treats, Very Decent Prices.


Sushi Tarafuku, a restaurant from the Tampopo Group, located at 313@Somerset has revamped itself into a Japanese buffet restaurant since the first week of September. And while one may miss the a-la-carte dishes served at Sushi Tarafuku, the array now features selected and popular items from the Tampopo menu itself, a la buffet style.

Cravings such as Black Pig Shabu Shabu, Ramen, Terriyaki Ika and Freshly made Yakitori and Tempura are items which I personally went for. And for the affordable price of $27.80++ for a weekend dinner buffet, based off the Tampopo cuisine, I guessed it would be a steal. And a yummy one at that.

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Dinner itself is priced slightly more and this comes with about 6 more dishes onto the buffet table. The Black Pig Shabu Shabu, where slices of the distinguished pork belly are endless, is perhaps the main highlight of the menu. Accompaniments to the mini steamboat on the table would be choices of fresh vegetables, tofu and various seasonings.

Of course there is also the traditional sashimi which averaged decently, but the tempura be it prawns or vegetables is something to keep going back for. I for one am hooked with the light batter coated onto each piece of ingredient and deep fried to a perfect crisp, leaving little trace of oil on each serving and natural tastes all around. Very nice.

The ramen was also nicely done with the portion just right, the broth a little creamy and umami rich, and the noodles itself a tad chewy. And who could miss that tasty egg (I admit being a glutton for taking 2). Simply marvelous.

I found the Japanese curry here to be very good. Tender meat, chunks of potato here and there, and a good gravy sauce that is slightly spicy and sweet with a compelling taste to just do good with the steamed Japanese rice. Ahhh.

I do have to admit that while it is agreeable the variety would not be one of the standard Singaporean buffet with immense variety, the quality and selection from the usual fare in a buffet is something to talk about. The buffet line is quite similar to selected dishes found from the a-la-carte menu itself, and the a number of choices are very good in itself. Doing the math, Tarafuku Japanese Buffet does provide a value for money line based on quality. And for a weekday lunch, the price is even better at only $15.80++. Why not?

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Tarafuku Japanese Buffet
Reservations : 6634 0889