Tantalizing Wagyu Delights from Triple Three Mandarin Orchard’s Mini Miyazaki Buffet


Triple Three Mandarin Orchard is excited to present a special premium buffet lineup till this Saturday, 31st Aug. Featuring the finest produce from Kyushu, Miyazaki prefecture, the spread sees decadent delights like the Slow Roasted Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and other gourmet delights on the menu. With meat that simply melts in the mouth, and an excellent teppanyaki to boot, this makes the price of $98++ well worth its value.



Official opening of the Mini Miyazaki promotion with the Sake Barrel breaking ceremony


Hiroyuki Miyamoto Deputy Director Lifestock Industry Division, Miyazaki Prefectural Government

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization Website, Miyazakagi prefecture is the 2nd largest producer of the Japanese Black beef, and only the highest quality cattle can be called Miyazakigu. In the 2007, the breed was Champion Cow in the Wagyu Olympics. As a tidbit, the champion sumo wrestler is customarily presented with one whole Miyazaki cow as a prize.


The Slow Roasted Miyazaki Beef was the highlight for me. It’s gorgeous golden brown hue while placed at the counter would simply invite one to stop and consider a portion, two, or maybe more. The meat carried a delectable slight smoky fragrance with a crust that tasted a touch sweet before bursting into the deep flavours of savoury meat. Each portion was tender, with loving amounts of its natural fat interweaved through, only to ensure that the bite remains hearty and a good dose buttery. It was pure bliss then to drizzle the top with a touch of truffle sauce. Excellent.


Guess what’s sizzling at the teppanyaki station


The other highlight for the night has to go to the Miyazaki beef teppanyaki. With each portion marbled to decent textures, the pan seared beef proved to be a bite full of delights. Crisp, and with the first bite, hear the crunch and then allow the natural juices and melted fat within to flow out.


The Miyazaki beef makes its third appearance as part of the sushi selection. Each piece is prepared a la minute and given a quick flame grill to brown and slightly cook the surface. The portion then when enjoyed immediately reveals the exquisite simplicity of beef coupled with a petite serving of warm vinegared rice. It’s hard to stop at even two.



Nonetheless, while the selections of Miyazaki beef was elegantly executed in the first three selections, I thought that the serving of Miyazaki Shabu Shabu was not as outstanding. It is not to say that the meat is inadequate. Rather, the option of having shabu shabu served at the counter and then returning to find the meat slightly cooled detracts the dish from the  full experience one is supposed to have.



Miyazaki Kanpachi Sashimi is also available, though I will say that the beef is definitely the better offering for my savoury tastebuds.

 Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(10-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(38-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(8-of-50)  Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(7-of-50)

The promotion is part of the existing lineup of gourmet dishes available at the restaurant. If you are craving for it, there is the staple Foie gras chawanmushi, miso cod, truffle pasta and fresh seafood selection to go for.

 Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(21-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(19-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(18-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(50-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(46-of-50)

Once the savoury indulgence is complete, the buffet does serve up a fun spread of sweets and desserts. Chocolate lovers will be pleased to discover a dedicated range of chocolate delights served up as well. Savoury dessert aficionados will also be happy to note an extended cheese board to choose from.

Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(3-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(5-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(2-of-50) Miyazaki-Triple-Three-(1-of-50)

The Mini Miyazaki promotion at Triple Three Mandarin Orchard is possibly the best place for premium Wagyu at a reasonable price that will leave you sated through and through. Considering the wider options one is presented with in addition to the Japanese selections, this is the buffet to be at till it runs its course come 31st August 2013. A thoroughly savoury dinner that simply wants to make me visit Kyushu right now and discover more delights available in Japan.

Thank you Mandarin Orchard for the invitation.

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Mini Miyazaki Promotion available from now till 31st August 2013
Adult : $98++