Take Shelter At The Cavern In An Ulu Ulu Area

DSCF7948 The Cavern @ Sembawang
1034 Sembawang Road (Sembawang Eating House)
Along The Row of Shophouses leading to Sembawang Beach. Take Bus 882 and stop after the Community Centre.

A laidback Sports pub located right smack in an “Ulu Ulu” (Translate : Remote) place. Good enough for those into that pint of beer while catching up with the latest football matches.


The Cavern @ Sembawang did a promotional campaign on its Membership priced at only $29.90 recently and the marketeer did an excellent job in convincing me to part with my pieces of paper in the temptation for a free Surf & Turf platter on the first visit at the pub which cost $39. Its like which Kiasu Singaporean won’t be tempted?

Apparently I was not the only one when I visited the place only to find it filled with patrons albeit not a pub’s usual customers but more of families (obviously with the promotional Membership) with little children running around. For gosh sakes, its a pub and there are dangerous stuff lying around like the cue stick from the pool table and gigantic glasses. Well apart from that little hyperactivity, the pub does offer a laidback atmosphere in the suburbs of Sembawang in an open concept setting with minimal air conditioning and the natural breeze.


Surf’s up baby.

The Surf and Turf platter is essentially a snack. Simple as that. Made extremely pepperish and spicy with its myriad of dishes, it is finger food meant to accompany your Singapore Sling or Stella Beer. There was sliced Chipolatas, Black Pepper Beef, Buttered Prawns, Fried Fish, Fries and a little chicken side dish that reminded me of Tandoori Chicken only that it left me flaming on the first bite.

DSCF7967 The CAVERN’S Famous Fish & Chips

Essentially, I had to try The Cavern’s Fish & Chips. It was lauded all over the menu and it came with a promotion at only $12(U,P $15). The dory fillet had a light crispy coating which wasn’t too strong, not overwhelming the taste of the fish itself. Pair it with the tar tar sauce and the squeeze of lemon on it, and what you get is a not too bad Fried Fish Fillet. Apparently its made with a “special Hoegaarden beer batter” so yeah, its an alcoholic fish.

For $12, it seemed quite reasonable.


The Traditional Irish Lamb Stew attracted me as the menu placed it as :

Cuts of lamb leg and root vegetables cooked in a Guinness Stout infused stew till tender and flavour accompanied with mashed potato

Yes the lamb was tender, and so were the pieces of carrots and potatoes in it. The stew was sweet yet savoury though a little overly pungent with the taste of cloves (some of you may like it, I don’t).  However, my only gripe is that the portion served is a little too small. And they dare call it a Main Course! LOL.


Well, dip the garlic bread in the stew and it makes a good partner or you can choose to ladle spoonfuls of stew on the mashed potato for the lip-smacking soft smooth taste. Nonetheless, while the stew quality is there, the price of $16.00 is a little above average for a regular diner but considering the fact that this is a pub, I reckon the price to be ok.


Oven Baked Spring Chicken

The member’s promotion also entitled me to a 1 for 1 main course meal (2nd free an equivalent price or lower). $16.00 gives you a nicely baked tender chicken with a heavy sweet and tangy sauce spooned all over the top. Though one thing for sure is to request for more sauce. Quite nice for the poultry addicts out there.

DSCF7945  DSCF7953 DSCF7948

Sprite, Singapore Sling, Stella Beer (I burped it all down..of course not alone)

One thing for sure The Cavern @ Sembawang promises a cozy atmosphere (once minus the raging families present during the promotional period) for any Sports buff or Pub lover wishing to catch some latest action while downing it over mugs of drafts. The food served there is quite average and nothing to be impressed with. But for an overall experience, it is definitely more for the youths of this generation or the young at heart and not for families with little kids in tow.

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