Take A Long Stride To Long Beach Seafood

  DSCF6964 Long Beach Seafood @ Dempsey
25 Dempsey Road #01-01
Tel: 6323 2222 Open Daily : 11am-3pm / 5.30pm – 1.30am
Opposite Singapore Botanical Gardens

An attractive location to sit back and indulge in some seafood goodness after that long walk in the Botanical Gardens. 


Jellyfish wrapped in Zucchini. A tasty, refreshing light crunch to the start of the meal.

I always felt that Chinese seafood restaurants would tend to cook the dishes and then lay it out in a gigantic platter on the table for everyone to grab with their chopsticks. But I was left impressed when the first dish appeared with a modern twist to the serving style.

Petite little decorations adorned the plate for the appetizer course of Jellyfish wrapped in Zucchini and Chilli Crab Puff Pastry Pie. It was a distinct difference and very much creative as all the menu stated was “Twin Combination Platter” like any old Chinese restaurant menu. It should be an impressive entrance if you want to invite your friends =)


The Chilli Crab Puff Pastry Pie was very nicely done. It was ladled with enough chilli crab sauce and meat over the pastry turning a twist in serving style to the popular Singaporean crustacean dish. It left me with that crave to pick up the menu and order a whole platter of chilli crab. Devious eh. Hehe.


Lobster is next on the menu and while not being any old particular lobster, this had to be properly named the “Golden Stripe Live Lobster”. The hard shell fish was deep fried and it had a generous sprinkle of eggwhite and cereal all over giving a savoury oomph factor to the entire dish.


The Fried Leek Flower with Dried Scallops and Olive acted as a well deserved pause to the briny flavour of the Lobster. Veggies proved to be crunchy, a little sweet and the olives with the scallops tasted up the dish.


Last main entree for the set meal was the Claypot XO Vietnamese Red Flower Crab with Bee Hoon. Initially, the thought of Bee Hoon being part of a classy set menu didn’t appeal to me. However, that perception changed when the Bee Hoon proved itself an excellent base texture that absorbed the savoury goodness of the sweet and hearty crab broth. A hint of alcohol added the final touches to the dish. Very good.

Still, if you intend to enjoy every bit of that flower crab, request for the “weapon” as so daringly conned by my mother. 


Crabs fear it, Shellfish fear it and you can scoop every bit of the sweet meat out of it. Ideal way not to get too messy in enjoying any crustacean dish. (Note : Key word is messy)


End off the set meal with a choice of 1 in 5 desserts. I chose the Black Glutinous rice with Ice Cream. Rather average but still it provided an appropriate closure to a good meal.

Price : $39.80++ (Super Value One for One Lunch Menu)  Valid for Citibank Credit Card Holders Only for a limited time



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