Wantastic Wanton Soup Recipe


If Justin can make Wanton, So Can You!

I can be called the To-Order Chef. Name a dish, I research a little, buy ingredients and then I make. Sounds kinda familiar to the typical domestic helper found in many Singaporean homes. Haha. Anyway, mum’s “order” was to make Wanton Soup. And to my distant memory, the only Wanton Soup I have ever made ended up in disaster. (which of course I will not state how it turned out. Yeep!)


Crispy, delicious Wantons. Leaves you begging for more…serious.

Basically, there are 3 important factors when making wantons.

  1. The broth/ consommé/ clear soup, whatever you want to call it.
  2. The wanton fillings.
  3. The cooking of the wantons.

I learnt all of this through my research (yes yes). Most importantly, wanton while a little time consuming to make as a culinary art is actually a very fun process to go through. Somehow, the excitement of folding the little pieces into a delicate shape, while preparing a delicious broth brings out the soul in me. Well, to have fun, you could dance while folding the skins. Just don’t get them mashed up. =)

Let’s head on to the recipe!

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