Yangnyum Kalbi From Auntie Kim’s. Why Not?


Its a Sunday and I didn’t know what to eat. Occasionally, times like these do happen. Times where the tastebuds simply go null and the stomach blanks out in a perpetual dream state. I was itching to go somewhere, and like a kid jumping on a moving bandwagon with thinking, I said lets go eat Korean at Upper Thomson.

In ten minutes, I was out with my Canon 1000D in a taxi and zooming in accelerator-clutch crazy fashion towards Upper Thomson road. I arrived exactly at 5pm, only to find the restaurant still snoozing in its afternoon break (so its here when I went to Miss Clarity Cafe, Click here to read the article)

When I did go back in the evening, I must say that I did not make a wrong choice in thinking about Korean food.

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$2 Dim Sum. Hwa Nam Restaurant.


I have always wanted to go try out the dim sum stall along Thomson Road. And I made it a special point today to visit it after my morning exercise with my buddies. It was all planned out. Each person were to come out no more than $6, and we get to share all the food we ordered. Not too bad if you want to get your early morning fix for affordable dim sum.

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