The Manhattan Fish Market, its a Wrap!


The Manhattan Fish Market is known for its affordable fish ‘n’ chips and its communal sharing platters that are very generous in serving sizes. And for the month of October till mid November, they have a new promotional dish on the menu, Wrap n Go. Two varieties are available “Tuna Wrapido” and the “Cajun Chicken Wrap”. Both served with a side of fries, the dish looks all set for quick eats at the restaurant.

IMG_1926 IMG_1985 IMG_1979 IMG_1925

Wraps were not the only new items on the menu. 5 different mocktail creations are also served with tantalizing names such as “Ocean Breeze”, “Beri Beri”, “Gargamel”, “Cala-cala” and “Gummy Bear”. And with all dishes new, its hard not to resist the temptation to order popular favourites such as Flaming Prawns where the server brushes hot flames over the mayonnaise mix to caramelize and brown the surface, creating that smoky and sizzling taste. Interested?

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