Gourmet News : Twinings, Making the Perfect Tea!

A 300 hundred year old tea, I’m not too sure of the possibility, but a 300 hundred year old tea company, we have Twinings of London. Started in 1706, and known worldwide as one of the oldest English Tea Companies, Twinings of London has sure come a long way being a familiar name in many cafes and restaurants in Singapore. […]

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Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe, Dreaming About That Hibiscus Filo Pastry

Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe, the name itself suggests a priceless peaceful serenity. And with the cafe being in Chinatown, the calmness is a welcome feature to any hectic schedule and busy day. The establishment portrays itself as a cozy, quiet retreat to partake in a smorgasbord of floral and colour cuisine where Executive Chef and Owner Clement crafts meticulously for his guests. My dinner there yesterday was a customized menu from Chef Clement himself where 4 dishes out of the 6 course meal is not found on the menu. The theme for the meal revolves around the aspect of Colours, namely Rainbow, White, Green, Blue & Purple, Yellow, Red & Brown. Clement articulates that a healthy diet comes hand in hand with the daily intake of all 6 different types of colours. Hues aplenty, the dinner commences together with servings of Butterfly Blue Pea, and Relax Tea. […]

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