Galley By The Straits, Dining By The Sea


I have stayed in the North for almost 12 years now but never did I realise that there stood a restaurant directly next to the sea, hidden deep behind the winding road to the SAF Yacht Club. The entrance is easy to miss and many would assume that its just another road to the military camp. Yet, the trip there makes the entire journey worth it as one is rewarded with a breathtaking upclose view of the Straits and Johor right across.

I arrived sometime after six thirty and was just in time to catch the dwindling sun over the horizon. What appeared to be a radiant sky of blue and white soon became an orange reddish glow, personifying a vitalised sense of warmth and tenderness.

And together with the occasional touch of sea breeze wafting a sense of sea saltiness and freshness in the air that this dinner by the straits begins.

IMG_9581 IMG_9711IMG_9720 IMG_9672

Galley by the Straits features a wide range of cuisines on its menu. Western, BBQ, traditional Cze Char and seafood, the variety seemingly aims to please almost every other local palate of its diners. And it is without doubt that for the dinner tonight, it is almost only natural that seafood would win hands down.

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Say Hello To Sawadee Thai Cuisine


Today I wanted something different. I was cracking my mind on what to eat. For the past few weeks, my meals have been revolving mainly around Chinese, Japanese and Fusion Contemporary cuisine.


I felt it was perhaps time to indulge in a Thai flavoured gastronomic adventure. After yesterday’s dinner at Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat, I noticed Sawadee Thai Cuisine just next door. Well? Target acquired. Onward to the land of the Pineapple Rice!

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The Special In Simple from Sum’s Kitchen!


Fresh and Daily Roasted Duck for your gourmet pleasure!

Last week, I was recommended by Aunties Veronica and Angela, lao ban niangs of Peach Garden restaurants to try out the Roast Duck and dishes at a particular shophouse opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre.

I visited the place for dinner today, and while the place looked nothing too impressive with the establishment being an almost no-frills eatery, it was a surprise for me when the dishes started rolling out!

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Surprising Discovery Of Yu Kee’s Hokkien Mee At Sembawang


Well after that little uneventful minute breakfast at Pastamania, the guys decided to go for Round 2. I seriously wonder why we even bother to exercise…

The food court at Sembawang MRT Station seemed rather attractive for its decent pricing and especially with an ongoing promotion on various dishes at the stall, the place seemed even more attractive…beautiful rather.

I decided to order a plate of Hokkien Mee, when I noticed two prominent awards on display at the shop’s front. A certificate from Makansutra with a “Die Die Must Try” rating for its Hokkien Mee and Char Kway Teow and a feature from The Sunday Times Live Eats!

The Hokkien Mee ($3.50, promotion $3.00) is definitely what I would call “A Skilled Creation”. The lady displayed a certain prowess in frying up a smoky, fragrant batch of noodles smothered excellently with a hearty prawn broth.

It tasted savoury, with a very strong hint of the presence of prawns all about. The noodles itself were wet and not dry, almost to an extent of it being a little viscous and not thin. And I particularly enjoyed the glistening shine that sparkled on the noodles.

Still, it was not a “Die Die Must Try” for me as I personally would prefer a not too “thick” variety. I prefer mine to be slightly wetter with a more delicate and well balanced savoury taste throughout and not just concentrated in each bite that leaves a slightly salty aftertaste.


The Char Kway Teow ($3.00) was “ta pao-ed” for home. So I guess that the walk made it a little soggy and not entirely fragrant as I expected. Still, it bode a strong smoky flavour with hints of sweetness, spiciness and “lemakness” Good, but definitely sinful.


The Stall name is “Fried Kway Teow” but I reckon that with its accolades hailing it as “Yu Kee Duck Rice & Noodle Pte Ltd”, I guess that should be how I name this stall. A stall of temptations, where I must definitely remind myself not to visit again after any exercise.

DSCF9004Yu Kee Duck Rice & Noodle Pte Ltd
NTUC Food Fare
Sembawang MRT Station

Addictive Fujian Mee will leave you coming back for even more. Just don’t get cold turkey =)

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611 Tau Sar Piah – Uber Delicious!

DSCF6111611 Tau Sar Piah
Sembawang Shopping Centre
6753 0611

Crispy, Tasty, and sumptuous!


Who knew that traditional Chinese goodies could taste so good. So good to the extent that it gets you hooked to the flavour and crispiness! 611 Tau Sar Piah is by no means a greenhorn in this arena.

Once located at 611 Balestier road, it still holds true to its skills in producing some of the best Tau Sar Piah one could ever taste.


Shockingly delicious Red Bean Tau Sar Piah – One of my favourites!

In an effort to diversify its range, the outlet has now produced a total of 9 different flavours for the wonderful Chinese cookie (a little poetic license here). The traditional sweet and salted varieties are still as good. And if you ever chance upon fresh Tau Sar Piah just being put out for display, I would really question you if you don’t grab it.

The ones I tasted were crispy with a flaky pastry and the filling was an excellent complement to it. Imagine it being fresh out of the oven. Ooooo =)

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