Santi, A Sunday Catalan Lunch Spread Bursting with Flavour

SANTI at Marina Bay Sands is now open for lunch on Sundays with a selection of dishes featuring their Catalan roots. The celebrity chef restaurant, normally opened for dinners, now offers diners another option with a scenic bright afternoon view gazing into the picturesque Marina Bay Promenade while tucking into flavorful dishes from the earth and the sea.

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This refreshing choice comes with a set menu of a starter, an entree, a main and a dessert at $88. Wine pairing is also available upon request. For the good and the tasty, SANTI’s cuisine is all about wholesome ingredients married harmoniously together. Each ingredient plays up to be the centerpiece of the dish, especially for dishes like the Black Rice calamari and octopus served with Aglio oli cream or the Catalan fish and seafood stew whose sweet aroma is the first to tantalize upon revealation.

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