Sakae Sushi Launches A Colourful New Menu!


Sakae Signature : Salmon Ikura Soba

It was news to me when I signed in to Facebook the other day and noticed the announcement from Sakae Sushi about their new menu’s launch. With reputedly 40 new and exciting items available in addition to the traditional favourites from the previous refresh of the menu a few months ago, this launch expanded the repertoire of dishes. In addition, for this month’s Sakae Signatures theme (Salmon), I was without doubt expecting an wide range of colourful dishes. I knew I had to visit Sakae Sushi!

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For That Spice Of Fusion In Japanese Food


Is it me or does Sakae Sushi start not to look like Sakae Sushi. That’s the impression I got when Leroy, Juliana, Anthony and me went to the Sakae outlet at Wheelock place last Saturday. We ordered each of this month’s signatures and each one was a creation on its own. Perhaps its the routine flavours and dishes available at affordable prices that we have become accustomed to what is being served. Now, with a selected menu of new entrants changing every month, ideas are kept fresh and the whole concept turns a notch classier.

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Tenzaru Soba and Oysters. Yum Yum Yum.


I’ve always had this fascination with soba. Maybe its because of the noodle like nature, perhaps even the simplicity of tastes brought out crisply with a soak of light sauce and the occasional wasabi. The ones at Sakae Sushi were pretty decent and when served up with tempura as a Tenzaru Soba set meal, it is a beautiful contrast of textures and complementing tastes.

Sakae Sushi have introduced a revolving menu concept called “Sakae Signature” for each month, where key ingredients take their place as the month’s specials, allowing refreshing new dishes to adorn the plates of diners. For the month of August, the theme is Oysters. And the restaurant promises a different theme in September (curious. yes!)

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