Celebrate Sunday with a Brunch Buffet Feast at Tandoor!


We have all heard of International buffets, Japanese buffets and even Italian buffets, but to come across a North Indian Brunch Buffet? That’s something worth mentioning. Every Sunday, Tandoor North Indian Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre (Cavenagh Road), opens its doors for its guests to indulge in a traditional North Indian Brunch Buffet topped with an assortment of curries, freshly toasted naans, made on the spot dhosais, Indian sweets, snacks and drinks. An eye opener to what a Fine Dining Indian Restaurant would serve from its a-la-carte menu.

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The most striking impression upon first stepping into the restaurant is the warm majestic ambience exuded. Settled in the middle of the room with a calm moat about it, lies a fountain where the constant splashes of water creates a tranquil imagery and one that suitably veils each table’s conversation from each other. Dining tables are presented in finery with red linen embossed with gold threads draped across the middle. And when it is not the hour to feast on a buffet but to savour the fine creations from the kitchen, gold sparkled glass plates with polished silverware line the table.

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Paradise Dynasty Stirs Up The Xiao Long Bao Scene with Colour and Flavour!


Paradise Dynasty opened its doors in September this year with the launch of the multi-coloured Xiao Long Baos. Noted as the World’s First, a smorgasbord of different flavours represented by different hues are available. Apart from the steamed pork dumplings with a soupy interior, the restaurant also has a wide range of la-mians, appetizers, shanghai dumplings, fried dishes and desserts on the menu. And with prices surprisingly affordable, I was all set to go and tickle my tastebuds with hopefully tasty xiao long baos.

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Tarafuku Japanese Buffet. Good Treats, Very Decent Prices.


Sushi Tarafuku, a restaurant from the Tampopo Group, located at 313@Somerset has revamped itself into a Japanese buffet restaurant since the first week of September. And while one may miss the a-la-carte dishes served at Sushi Tarafuku, the array now features selected and popular items from the Tampopo menu itself, a la buffet style.

Cravings such as Black Pig Shabu Shabu, Ramen, Terriyaki Ika and Freshly made Yakitori and Tempura are items which I personally went for. And for the affordable price of $27.80++ for a weekend dinner buffet, based off the Tampopo cuisine, I guessed it would be a steal. And a yummy one at that.

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Quickbites : Eating Pufferfish @ Sushi Tarafuku


I wonder how many times have I been back at Sushi Tarafuku. 6? No 7? times in the last 6 months at least. It has always been my prime location to go and get a crave fix for uni (sea urchin) and even the everloving Mentaiko Sardine

This time round, Sushi Tarafuku has a promotional fish set menu and surprise surprise! There’s pufferfish!

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