A Rakuzen Food Blogger’s Gathering


Today’s lunch was a Food Blogger’s meet up with the girls. Angeline and Janelle (SistaFooD), Elaine (Divine Essentials), Kaelyn (My Food Sirens II) and me decided to get together and warm our stomachs, eyes and cameras. We chose to dine at Rakuzen, one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore to start off.


Maguro Yukke – Chopped Tuna Sashimi with Avocado and Sesame

Rakuzen as a Japanese eatery features dishes that contain fresh ingredients, skilled craftsmanship and delicate taste that aims to rally devotees of traditional Japanese cuisine and perhaps those looking for a fusion between the East and the West.

A very wide variety is available in the menu and choosing what to eat would probably be very hard to decide. For me, I chose to go with the crowd and decided to order the Maguro Yukke as its uniqueness and pairing tuna with avocado called out to me.

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