Paradise Dynasty Stirs Up The Xiao Long Bao Scene with Colour and Flavour!


Paradise Dynasty opened its doors in September this year with the launch of the multi-coloured Xiao Long Baos. Noted as the World’s First, a smorgasbord of different flavours represented by different hues are available. Apart from the steamed pork dumplings with a soupy interior, the restaurant also has a wide range of la-mians, appetizers, shanghai dumplings, fried dishes and desserts on the menu. And with prices surprisingly affordable, I was all set to go and tickle my tastebuds with hopefully tasty xiao long baos.

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Din Tai Fung Truffle Xiao Long Bao. Juicy with the scent of freshness!


The marriage of truffles and Xiao Long Bao. Smooth rounded patty of meat and just the right amount of fat, threaded with hints of the earthy scented truffle while coupled with a hot savoury juice, lastly bundled within a delicate skin strong enough to withhold. The dish itself would be perfect, if not, an exquisite light harmony of tastes, scent, and texture. Compelled for one, craving for two.

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Now, If There Was Only Horse Riding At The Coffee Club..

IMG_5990 IMG_6000IMG_6011

I was over at Kinokuniya the other day looking for a Thomas the Train storybook to give my little cousin for his birthday. The section catered to children and teens were a natural mayhem with kids “walking” here and there flipping open books, plopping themselves onto the floor in the middle of the aisle just to gaze at the pictures or pleading with that “I need it” eyes to the parents.


And while the children are left to play in the storyland of books and magical wonders, I guess that the presence of the Coffee Club conveniently located next to the children’s section is perhaps a good pitstop for weary parents to refuel or even to people watch.

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Crystal Jade La Mian, The Wait Is As Long As The Noodles


La Mian in Sichuan Style

I have always wondered what was so fascinating about Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Takashimaya. When it comes to the peak dining hours, the queue would be exorbitantly long and tedious. Maybe its the cheap eats that Crystal Jade provides in the Orchard district, or maybe its just that the majority of people like to eat noodles, but whatever the case is, I waited 1 hour for a table.

My first impression from the La Mian in “Sichuan” Style was relatively partial. The savoury hot broth was a little creamy and a little oily, with the la mian served up in generous portions. I didn’t really take to the noodles as it was a little too soft and not entirely firm, and I felt that more kick could be driven by upping the spice a little. $6.50 a bowl.

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Immersing Italy’s Repertoire At La Strada


La Strada – My Inaugural Authentic Italian Dining Experience. Italian cuisine is perhaps too commonly known to me as Pizzas and Pastas that are a cheap, affordable quick fix to that hunger crave. For my visit to La Strada, I was introduced to a new perspective in which this European cuisine is defined. In the sense of exclusiveness, classiness and a certain touch of natural flavours and aroma.

21st December La Strada  

The visit to La Strada was a food blogger’s and enthusiasts tasting session. Each of us called for the Set Menu of 2 courses, priced reasonably at $28.00++. For me I had the Duo of Crostini and the Pan Fried Salmon. Mum called for the Char Grilled Beef Sirloin and the Tart of The Day which was a lovable Pecan Tart served with Basil Ice cream.

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Don’t Forget To Curtsey When You Step In


Its great when a group of food bloggers come together. Just imagine, a table full of foodies whipping their cameras out and suddenly snapping away at the gastronomic delights served up on the plates. And that was the exact scenario which took place at Royal Copenhagen (Takashimaya) last Saturday as though the Paparazzi was chasing after Tiger Woods.

_MG_9809 IMG_9884 _MG_9807

I would say that this was my first time stepping into Royal Copenhagen, and its locality right on the 2nd floor of the ladies’ bag department at Takashimaya was simply flashing the luxuriousness of a tea place for the Tai-Tais and shoppers alike.

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