A Strange Fondness For That Ume Pork Roll @ The Tampopo Restaurant


My visits to Liang Court have always brought me past the Tampopo Restaurant. And each time I glanced into the restaurant, it would be crowded and busy. The various accolades lining the entrance might be carrots out for the dangle, but it is hard not to be enticed by the wide variety, unique dishes and choice ingredients used to tempt the palate.

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Crisp Crunch, Ginza Bairin Japanese Pork Cutlets


Breaded, Deep Fried, Juicy and Tender. The allure of such a description would probably be hard to resist for anyone. Couple that thought with the tangy sweet tonkatsu sauce created almost 90 years ago, and perhaps what you would have is a winning combination.

Ginza Bairin was the very first Tonkatsu restaurant in the Ginza province of Japan in 1927. The founder Nobukatsu Shibuya paired the crispy pork fillets which were coated with Panko and deep fried to order with his own special home made Tonkatsu sauce comprising a blend of apples, onions and various fruits and vegetables. Tempting?

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