The Legendary Fudoh Sake of Nabedana Brewery Comes To Singapore!


I write as a bearer of good news. It is with sheer delight to note that the premium Fudoh Sake of Nabedana Brewery, Japan is making its first overseas expansion to Singapore. Introduced at the Sake tasting event held at the popular Ginza Kuroson, we were hosted by Sakemaster Kan Otsuka, the current and 19th generation descendent of the brewery. The Fudoh Sake is the sacred sake for Buddha offered at the Naritasan Shinshoji, one of the three biggest temples in eastern Japan.


Four different sakes were paired with the omakase lunch prepared by Chef Koezuka Yoshihiko, and each will be presented at the 2014 Beer Fest held at the Marina Promenade. Ready to have a glimpse at one of Japan’s biggest secrets? Continue reading “The Legendary Fudoh Sake of Nabedana Brewery Comes To Singapore!”

Sakae Sushi Launches A Colourful New Menu!


Sakae Signature : Salmon Ikura Soba

It was news to me when I signed in to Facebook the other day and noticed the announcement from Sakae Sushi about their new menu’s launch. With reputedly 40 new and exciting items available in addition to the traditional favourites from the previous refresh of the menu a few months ago, this launch expanded the repertoire of dishes. In addition, for this month’s Sakae Signatures theme (Salmon), I was without doubt expecting an wide range of colourful dishes. I knew I had to visit Sakae Sushi!

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Tarafuku Japanese Buffet. Good Treats, Very Decent Prices.


Sushi Tarafuku, a restaurant from the Tampopo Group, located at 313@Somerset has revamped itself into a Japanese buffet restaurant since the first week of September. And while one may miss the a-la-carte dishes served at Sushi Tarafuku, the array now features selected and popular items from the Tampopo menu itself, a la buffet style.

Cravings such as Black Pig Shabu Shabu, Ramen, Terriyaki Ika and Freshly made Yakitori and Tempura are items which I personally went for. And for the affordable price of $27.80++ for a weekend dinner buffet, based off the Tampopo cuisine, I guessed it would be a steal. And a yummy one at that.

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A Strange Fondness For That Ume Pork Roll @ The Tampopo Restaurant


My visits to Liang Court have always brought me past the Tampopo Restaurant. And each time I glanced into the restaurant, it would be crowded and busy. The various accolades lining the entrance might be carrots out for the dangle, but it is hard not to be enticed by the wide variety, unique dishes and choice ingredients used to tempt the palate.

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